Julia Robert’s conversion to Hinduism

As published in the September issue of Elle Magazine Julia Roberts stated that she goes to a Hindu temple regularly and she is a practicing Hindu.

Julia is a 42-year-old actress who has won Oscar for her film “Erin Brockowich.” Her two kids have been named as Ganesh and Laxmi which are the names of two prominent Hindu deities. She had also renamed her production company to the name Red Om (Om is the sacred symbol of Hinduism).

She had an close encounter with Hinduism during the shooting of the film “Eat, pray, and love” in which she is playing role of a divorced woman who travels to Italy for food, India for spirituality, and Bali for love, where she finds it.

Julia said about reincarnation “I have been spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time, I want to be just something quiet and supporting.”

Julia Roberts parents are Baptist and Catholic. She was born in Georgia in US.

Obvious her move has triggered a lot of reactions in the world as she is the world famous personality. Some people say, it is just a stunt and she will leave Hinduism after a while.

As a Hindu what I think is that if she has done it from her heart, then it is fine and she is always welcomed to Hindu philosophy even if she does not convert to Hinduism because conversion is not the goal of Hinduism.

We welcome her and wish her best of luck for her future life!

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