Islam Vs Hinduism

As there are some similarities between Hinduism and Islam, there are some differences also between these major religions of the world. In this article, we will try to list out the differences between Hinduism and Islam.

Islam Vs Hinduism:

1. Islam was founded as a religion. Hinduism was not founded as a religion. It was the way of life which later took the form of a religion.

2. Prophet Mohammad Paigambar is considered as founder of Islam. There is no single founder of Hinduism.

3. Islam was founded about 1500 years ago. History of Hinduism can be traced back to about 2500 B.C.

4. Islam is based on the teachings of Prophet Mohammad Paigambar only while Hinduism is based on the teachings of many saints.

5. The word Islam means “peace.”  The word Hinduism is a geographical term and has no real meaning. It is the religion followed by Hindus.

6. Islam does not believe in the theory of reincarnation. Hinduism believes in reincarnation.

7. Islam does not allow conversion to other religions. Hindus are free to convert to other religions.

8. Islam advocates conversions to Islam. In history, there are many instances of forceful conversions to Islam. There is no reference to conversion in Hinduism. Hindus never attempted to convert others to Hinduism. In fact, they did not use to accept others to Hinduism previously.

9. Islam allows remarriage of a widow. Hinduism does not allow remarriage of a widow (In practice now, there is no such restriction).

10. Islam seems to be inspired from other religions as it is new compared to other major religions of the world. The philosophy of Hinduism is original as it is the oldest religion on the earth.

12 thoughts on “Islam Vs Hinduism

  1. A religion being the oldest doesnt mean being the holiest one or the true one.
    Muslims don’t believe that Muhammad (pbuh) was the founder of Islam , neither there has not been any claim by Muhammad (pbuh) that he was the founder of the religion , instead it is thought that Islam began from Adam (pbuh), the first man.
    Islam is a true monotheistic religion because it teaches that “God is one , God is eternal , He is neither begets nor is begotten ( He has no successor nor he has a predecessor ) and He is unique and there is non unto like Him.” ( chapter 112 The Pure ) See how meaningful these lines are. There is no religion in this world that can have this strong monotheistic view. Muslims don’t worship or postrate infront of any idols
    , human, animals or anything that is in this universe. They believe that God is unique and cannot be represented in any form. He is beyond space and time.
    It is Meaningless and not sensible to claim that Hinduism is a monotheistic religion. It has got no qualities of a monotheistic religion by word or practises.

    • Your first argument is that Hinduism is the oldest but not the holiest or the true one. Hinduism does not claim that it is the only holiest religion or the only true one as claimed by Islam. Hinduism is a guide which teaches how to attain salvation.

      Your second argument is that Muhammad Paigambar was not the founder of Islam but as far as I know, he was a self-proclaimed prophet and many Muslims believe that he was the founder of Islam. All the Muslims follow Quran which is written by him only. So, I dont understand your claim but you might be right about it.

      Now your third argument is that Islam is monotheistic and do not worship idols, human, animals, or anything but all over the world there are thousands of Durgahs in which Muslims bow before the graves of many saints. Most famous of them are Haji Ali, Ajmer Sharif. In Mecca, there is a structure to which most of the Muslims bow before. Therefore, it is proved that though Islam is monotheistic in practice Islam is not monotheistic. The same thing is true for Hinduism. Isha-Upanishad states that God is formless, genderless, endless, omnipotent and omniscient. It cannot be worshiped in any physical form, but in practice Hindus worship many Hindu deities as manifestations of God. Therefore, your argument is incorrect.

  2. Dear admin , your knowledge of islam is very less . First u remember muslim not bow dargha and not worship to him, we belive there are a true person of allah we ask him take a wasilah thats all,

    • True Islam does not allow to bow before anything other than Allah. Then why should you bow to the tomb for wasilah. In this form, your form of worship becomes same as Hindus. They also worship before Murtis as a part of Him.

  3. 1, 2 & 3. Islam is not a newly founded religion, nor it was founded by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 1500 years ago. The Quran clearly states that: “He (Allh) has ordained for you the same religion (Islmic Monotheism) which He ordained for Nh (Noah), and that which We have revealed to you (O Muhammad [pbuh]), and that which We ordained for Ibrhm (Abraham), Ms (Moses) and ‘Is (Jesus) saying you should establish religion (i.e. to do what it orders you to do practically) and make no divisions in it (religion) (i.e. various sects in religion).” (Al Quran 42-13)

    8. Islam doesn’t advocate forceful conversions. The Quran says: “There is no compulsion in religion.” (Al Quran 2-256)

    10. Islam may be new in its form, but it is the oldest in its principles, according to the above quoted verse (Al Quran 42-13)

  4. first f all iam nt against any 1 (religion) bt reali hate dose people looking dwn 2 other religion wen dat person wana 2 defend den dey wil say…. also dose who wil forcefully ask people 2 convert 2 dere religion and wen dey r ask abut it dey wil say its nt written in our holybok why ur doing dis . n abut hinduisum its nt religion actuali netheir ask anybody 2 covert nor ask 2 follow neither forcefully nor willingy itsjust guides u lead a happy n fuitful life:)

  5. to all the dudes if your religion is great then worship it ok just do not try to comment on hinduisim. because of people like you might harm the peacefull living of others man.

  6. dear admin and my dear friends
    as i can see that everyone here is comparing two most valuable and trusted relegion of the world. Now let me enlighten you a little more on hinduism because i can see none of you has any idea how grand and peaceful hinduism is
    first thing why does hindus worship idols, human and animals? it is because hindus believe the the god is present in every creation made by him. by worshipping idols hindus are actually worshipping the god particle lies in that idol, animal or human. in short we see god in every living and nonliving thing as all are made by god himself, my friend that is why we greet peoples by joining our hands together and saying NAMASTEY it is actually for god inside that human.
    if you are talking about peace look to the history. it is proven, it is believed and you said yourself that hinduism is the oldest religion of the world but this is not enough to describe hindus because hinduism is not only the oldest religion but it is also the smartest one if you look to our saints carefully like bodhi dharman, chanakya, and endless you will find that they are not just saints but they are scientists as well common these saints discovered yoga, ayurveda, the vedas(treasure of knowledge) and the list is endless you just cannot describe them by saying saints it is actually very small word for them. also when the world was not sure of what is the centre of the universe, we were worshipping the nine planets, the constillation and many more.
    friends hindus are free to follow the religion of their believe, it is the only relegion where you are not bound to any practices because hindus believe that a person should believe in the divine power by his heart, because god will never force you he will niether destroy you for not worshipping him he will quitly silently will take care of you and will enlighten your path
    also take a look at hindu believes and morals you will find that todays so called advance science is hiding somewhere in hindus historic granths, vedas, bhagvad gita etc.
    but above everything hindus believe that the people of the world is my family.
    different religion are the different flowers from the same garden as said by the great MAHATMA GANDHI

  7. all religion teaches us to serve god ,to serve means to love as we serve our family or family members serve us it is a love.if we love to some one we need to show it otherwise how can the person understand it .we shoe our love by giving rose ,by giving gifts when we worship idol we show same love by offering things to lord and if want serve god you need his form .just like mobile waves are there but we cant communicate with out hand set .we need hand set same way we need form of lord to worship him to, communicate with him .According to Bhagwat gita mind is chancal we can not control and focus on our prayer .thought if we try then it will ask us to pray for our enjoyment not for spiritual progrss fot that we need idol to focus on god .my dear friends a dog can identify his master in whichever clothes his master changes and i think we human being are lower than the dog we just keep on fighting and can not identify the lord who is our supreim father thank you

  8. Dear gargi
    you said that the world is created By OM so please explain detail about OM that who is OM with the full proof and written in which book

  9. Dear Brothers,
    Please tell me one simple thing. You do not believe in all those books, scripts, vedas, which were in existence much before any religion was formed and the same books carries the message of love, living good life and spreading peace in the world. But you want to follow something as pious which teaches to kill people in the name if Jihad, you lure them by stating they will reach to Jannat you force conversions, which was started by Prophet himself by killing several thousand non -muslims in Mecca, you have proofs for that. most of the things are based on force. which never can be the Allah’s Path my brother. Just because someone declare himself as the last prophet, it does not mean that you believe in him blindly… take the good from his preaching and leave the bad…. We believe in ONE GOD and if you do believe in him and Just follow, but do not force others… coz the GOD whom you believe may not like it at all… since we all are his creations and he wants us to worship IDOLS and you to do Namaz, like others to do prayers in church…..

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