Similarities between Hinduism and Islam

Hinduism and Islam are two great religions in the world. There are a lot of misconceptions about both of these religions. There have been a number of conflicts between the followers of these religions. The history of relations between these religions is blood-stained, but very few people to know that these religions have a number of things in common.

Similarities between Hinduism and Islam:

1. Concept of God: Concept of God is the same in both Hinduism and Islam. The only difference is in name. Hindus call it “Brahman” and Muslims call it “Allah.”

2. In practice, Hindus worship many deities and have faith in different saints. In practice, Muslims go to different dargahs and have faith in different saints.

3. Hindus do not wear shoes inside a temple. Muslims also do not wear shoes inside a mosque.

4. Lending money on interest is not considered a good practice in both Hinduism and Islam.

5. Polygamy had been widely practiced by Hindus in ancient, medieval as well as until modern times. Though, it is banned by law for Hindus now. Polygamy is a prevalent practice in Islam.

6. In practice, there are about 6 or more different sects in Hinduism. In practice, there are about 73 sects in Islam.

7. The practice of Hijab (veil) is prevalent in Islam. The practice of covering only the face was prevalent in some Hindu communities in ancient times. It is still practiced though to a lesser extent till now in some Hindu communities.

8. Muslims consider the month of Ramzan as sacred and observe fast for the whole month. Hindus consider the month of Shravana as sacred and observe fast for the whole month.

9. Idol worship is prohibited in Islam. According to Vedas, idol worship is not allowed for Hindus.

10. Donations to poor is considered as a good practice in both Hinduism and Islam.

11. Some activities like putting the palms over the face after Namaz are similar to Yoga.

12. The prayer beads that Muslims use resemble to Hindu Jap Mala.

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  1. Brahman is not the same as Allah in Islam. Brahman is only the creator not the protector and the destroyer . Vishnu and Shiva are claimed to hold those positions. While Islam teaches that Allah is Allmighty and Allknowing and has created and protects and will destroy what ever was created as He wills.

    • Brahman is not the creator. Lord Brahma is the creator of this universe. Brahman created Shiva, then Shiva created Vishnu and then Brahma was born from the naval lotus of Vishnu.

      Hence, indirectly Brahman is the creator, protector, and destroyer also as these things are carried out by the demi-Gods whom He created.

      • hi

        first, in hinduism there is no idol worship. people worship the invisible infinite through an authorized representation of the Unseen Form

        second, according to hinduism, Name of God is higher than himself and the Brahman (means Absolute, the One without Form)

        third, hinduism accepts both with forms and without form as long as there is an authorized representation

        fourth, hinduism states that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. it means that God is present not only in the spiritual sphere
        but in the material sphere as well. God pervades everything as paramatmaa, Ishvara or bhagavaan. God is present in every atom and structure of the unseen and seen worlds. This does not mean that God is monkey or god is idol or god is chair !!! God is present everywhere and beyond this everywhere as well. One leaf cannot move without the Will of GOD ! hinduism is much more complete and powerfull than you ever imagine….there are defects in people’s interpretation of God!
        God wants Peace and Love. he will judge according to how you lived on earth and how you respected others…

        fifth, do not get confused between Brahman the Absolute unseen Essence of God without form and Brahma – the creator, one of the trinity (Brahma Vishnu Shiva)…

        sixth, if hinduism was false, then every other religion is false because hinduism has a more deeper Science of GOD than any other religion in the world.

        seventh, it is wrongly perceived by people that God of islam and christians are very jealous and dangerous god because they punish for eternity someone who is idol worshipper ? eternity ?? eternal fire ? lol !
        do you realize what you are saying ?
        Just because someone has with love and devotion worshipped GOD the Absolute through a nice Authorized Form, icon or image does it mean God will send that person to eternal hell and fire ??? please!
        wake up ! God is not as bad as you guys ! God wants only to see Good in people….good karma…. lol!

        So finally, hindus, muslims, christians…or whatever…stop arguing and fighting in the name of GOD because you are loosing credits and increasing bad karmas !

    • Bramha and brahman are different words. Brrahman has the same meaning as allah. Advait waad believes in a formless God like Islaam

  2. 1. According to Islam, all the creatures, visible and invisible are created and sustained by Allah only. “Allh is the Creator of all things, and He is the Wakl (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian) over all things.”(Al Quran 39-62)

    2. Going to Darghas and bowing before the tombs is a innovated practice. It is not prescribed in the Holy books of Islam. Actually, it is a practice of Shirk (polytheism).

    3. Muslims are not restricted from wearing shoes or footwears inside a mosque. There are authentic reports in the Holy books of Islam, that the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions were wearing shoes inside the mosque.

    4. Lending money on interest is not only a bad practice, but it is forbidden in Islam.

    5. Although polygamy is allowed in Islam, there are strict rules pertaining to it.

    6. There are no sects in Islam. Anyone who follow the Quran, and the Prophet’s way of life based on the understanding of the righteous predecessors are considered Muslims. Who don’t follow they are not muslims at all.

    10. Donation to poor is not only a good practice, but a muslim should give 2.5% of his annual income to the poor and it is compulsory.

    11 & 12. Putting the palms over the face and using prayer beads are innovations which is not found in the Holy books of Islam

    • Hi Jaleel, thanx for your valuable comments. I understand that there are many things which are not either in Hindu or Islamic scriptures but people do follow them. You are right that there are innovations but still they are practiced. Hence, I have mentioned them here.

  3. There are no restrictions in the Vedas except killing of cows. Idol worship is not restricted in Vedas. Who wrote these similarities? In Vedas the verses which talks about the idols has a different meaning which means a greater explanation. You may worship anything and everything in this universe. An idol is not god. Hinduism believes that there is god in and anywhere in this universe. And you may or may not believe that. It’s your choice. But in Islam you have to believe that there is not god in Idols. Worshiping idols is just like you keeping images and pictures of your loved ones. Hinduism gives you the freedom for anything yet you are bound in the spiritual circle of gods. But in Islam one is bounded with restrictions which makes a human being narrow minded and one becomes a sadist and that is when he go and beg others to get converted to Islam and if he resist conversion he is dead though it’s rare in India. I love India and its rich culture.

    • If idol worship was allowed by Vedas, then Arya Samaj would have followed idol worship. They have studied Vedas deeply and came to the conclusion. Arya Samaj follows Vedas strictly. They worship only om.

      It is true that in the past forced conversion was part of Islamic culture but now a days, it happens rarely. One should keep in mind that politicians have used Islam for their selfishness. We are human beings first. Hatred brings hatred only. Hinduism teaches us to respect other cultures. Shivaji Maharaj founded a Hindu empire but he never hated Islam. He hated the bad people and punished them.

  4. Who told Hindu vedas permits idol worship, hence it prohibits hindus to worship idols,
    “Na tasya pratima asti”
    God has No images and idols.
    Shevashvatra upanishd 4:19 & Yajur veda 32:3

    “They are entering darkness who worship natural things(i.e.Fire,sun..etc)
    They are sinking more in darkness who worship the created things(stone,snake..Etc)”
    yajur veda 40:9

    “God is Bodiless and pure”
    yajur veda 40:8

    “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires worships demi-gods(humans as gods)”
    Bagavat gita 7:20

    Hindu brothers and sisters your most ancient vedas saying to worship God in form of spirit and not in form of idols., Behold these are the signs for men of understanding
    Return to Islam for Peace in this life and here after..

    • I got your point but the specialty of Hinduism is that it is very democratic in nature. It allows multiple streams of thoughts which reach the God. One more thing is that idol worship is a basic instinct of mankind. Even Muslims and Christians worship idols in different forms. Therefore, practically idol worship is a part of everybody’s life as it is very natural.
      One more thing is that you do not need to be a Muslim only to become a good human being. Islam is just another way to reach God for Hindus.

  5. I first agree to your point, that you are saying “Hinduism is Democratic in nature”,
    but you took over that advantage and invented a lie against God almighty, where your sacred vedas say’s you should not make idol worship and hence you made an idol and give a shape and body to God as like humans.,
    who gave you the authority to do this?
    Did God almighty said to you or your Vedas,
    and look you are going against your vedas hence it says God is Bodiless and pure, you gave a body to God for what you have no right and i’m saying, In this way you have more democratic becoz No Hindus is Going to mind if you invented a new god and worship that idol.
    This lead the hindus to say god is snake, tree, monkey, elephant..etc. Day by day you are innovating a new god., desist this doctrine becoz God Almighty will not forgive you for this, according to Quran & Vedas.
    Secondly, you mentioned that muslims worship idols, look where did you grasp this thing by thumb sucking and mentioned here, Even a small child will tell you that the muslims dont worship idols., they believe and worship one God who have a no definite shape. You can in response to my saying claim muslims worship ‘Dargah’.,dont misunderstood this, the people who are worshipping Dargah they were never been called as muslims hence they commited shirk(polytheism) and God will never forgive them for such a thing.

    I beg you to Worship one true Almighty God who has no images, idols and sculptures and accept prophet muhammad is the messenger of God.Insha Allah God will grant you paradise.
    Islam means submitting your will to God, Submit your will to God.
    And know the thing, Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in Hindu vedas not less than 100times by mentioning his Name..If you want the references i’ll give you..
    And last i appreciate you for your tremendous Humility..

    • Hi Muhammad,

      I also believe in one God i.e. Om. Hence I don’t need to be a Muslim. Being a Hindu I can do that. Second thing you say that those who go to Durgahs are not true Muslims. Then it means that 75% of Muslims are not actually Muslims.

      Third thing I would advise you to do is to stop asking people to convert to Islam. Instead you can say that they can keep their religion and worship Allah as God. Because purposeful religious conversions are bad for harmony between two societies. This creates unnecessary tensions.

  6. Good, my friend
    you said i beleive in One God., whatever name om, Allah..etc

    when you believed in one God who has no idols, images..etc that is the common path between you and us, And do not associate anything with God Almighty, Insha Allah you may be rightly guided by God if He wills.

    You said 75% of muslims Goes to Dargah, where did you got this statistics? Bring the proof if you are truthful,
    In india only this dargah worship practices prevails within a moderate group of muslims and less often in foreign countries.,
    there are 1.5billion muslims in the world & 75% is about 112.5Billion muslims, bring the proof.,
    Dont utter words without a proof and logic.
    Your Vedas asking you to believe in Last messenger and avatar Prophet muhammad, by mentioning his name not less than 100times in your vedas, upanishad and kalki avatar.,And hence also in this way you are going against your vedas.
    I’m asking you to Submit your will to God by Accepting The God is One who has no images, idols and Prophet muhammad is the messenger of God,
    you dont need to practice islam, just accept & take an oath.
    Thats enough..

    • First thing, Durgahs are everywhere in the world (search in Google) and not only in India. Even in Mecca, the structure before you bow is a form of idol worship only.

      Second thing you said you don’t need to practice Islam, just accept. What is its use. It means that you are interested in conversion only. I would advise you to practice and not just accept.

      There is no name of Muhammad in Vedas. Don’t get involved in false propaganda. Some Muslim scholars claim that Kalki avatar was Muhammad which is another false propaganda just to convert Hindus.

      It seems you are a misguided Muslim. Don’t defame your brothers by your misbehavior.

  7. Dear Friend As-Salamu Alaykum ( Peace be upon you),

    You are not clear on this that Muslim worship structure.
    Let me give you some facts.
    We bow in direction of Kaba not to structure of Kaba.
    Kaba is a room we also perform Namaz inside the Kaba.
    We stand on the roof of the Kaba to call people for Namaz it implies that it is not like worshiping Kaba (i.e. called Azan).
    This is big error if you think Muslims are doing idol worshiping and bowing in front of structure.

    Kaba (only a room) was there before the Prophet Mohammed and there were around 300 idols inside the Kaba and 11 Poems which were hanged on the wall of Kaba People were read those poems in front of those idols and that was the way of worship.
    At that time even some people not follow this procedure of worship because they think that doing idol worship is nothing to do with God. After accepting Islam they only removed the error in their practice of worshiping.

    In that time Quran was revealed to Mohammed at the age of 40 in form of high level Arabic poetry in a span of 23 years. Every verse has its some significance and related to some situation at that time. That is why Quran is not like a story book with setting, character, sequence, Exposition, Conflict, Climax etc. Mohammed was not the poet if you think that it is created by Mohammed.

    In one of the verse of Quran God challenged to the people of that time to gather all of you and try to make a single verse like Quran and you will not. This challenge is only to realized them that what poem they created as a form of worship and they had proud on that is not true word of God and created by them. And what Mohammed is reciting is far better in respect to Arabic langauge then that, even Mohammed is not a poet people of that time realize this fact and accepted Islam (Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.)

    After that all people of Mecca gathered and destroyed all the idols.

    What I am telling you here is not to make you Muslim (“Muslim” is an Arabic word whose literal meaning is “one who submits [to God]”.). This is the fact which I am telling you it is unto you to accept it or reject it or to verify it from authentic source.

    Don’t see and not believe on what Muslims are doing now days. If you really want to know about Islam, then read Quran and teachings of Prophet Mohmmed. two of the online resources are “Language Research Group University of Leeds, United Kingdom” and “http://

    • Hi, I have read the information you provided already but many Muslims say that they bring the structure of Mecca before their eyes when they do Namaz and many Muslims go to Durgahs to fulfill their worldly needs as Hindus go to temples. I know philosophically Islam prohibits Idol worship but in practice they are idol worshipers. Last year a militant group attacked a Sufi Durgah because they thought it was against Islam to bow before anyone other than Allah. I don’t understand why you people don’t agree upon this. There is nothing humiliating in it. Most of the people in world worship idols in one or other form.

  8. Let me correct you, you are in manifest error..
    First thing, you mention dargah is all over in the world, In my previous comment i said the same thing, that dargahs are less often in foreign countries,
    but the issue is not this, you claimed that 75% of muslims that is 112.5 billions of muslims goes to Dargah, and i asked a proof for that and you failed to bring the statistics of 112.5muslims goes to dargah, this behaviour of you states, you are uttering words without any proof and logic.,the persons who are going through our comments understand that easily.
    Second thing, muslims worship Mecca with form of idol worship, i give you a good example, Hindu’s worships idols but no hindu will lay their foots on the idols becoz they considered it as god, but as far the muslims concern, many of the prophet companions stood on the top of Mecca to call people for prayer’s several times.If we muslims considered it as an idol, why we have to stand on Mecca hence we respect mecca greatly. No hindu will dare to stand on idols they worship.
    Definitely, we muslims know mecca it is just stones that have no good & no harm over us. But for hindu’s every stones they worship is god. If you have logic & sense of reasoning you will understand this or else you don’t.
    Third thing, i asked you to follow the very very least way to follow islam that is admit God and prophet, why i asked this means if you admit this means, you will not associate anything with True God and God states in Quran “the people will surely goes to Hell, that who worship the created thing, idols, and humans as god”, i’m trying to protect you from the fire of hell, so i suggested a least way to overcome from your falsehood beliefs.
    Fourth thing, you stated muhammad name was not mentioned in Vedas,
    here i’ll give you references,
    kalki puranam [chapter 2: verse 2-19]
    An avatar(messenger) has to come, whose father name was vishnubhagat translated arabic “Abdullah” & his mother name was sumati translated “Ameena” was the name of the father & mother of messenger muhammad,
    the avatar will born on 12th date of month, prophet muhammad was born on 12th.
    The avatar has 4 companions, prophet has 4 calipah companions whose name was Abu bakar,umar,usman & Ali.
    The avatar will born in place of Mecca, we all know muhammad was born in mecca,
    the avatar will go north and come back, prophet muhammad has gone madina has hijira and come back after a decade and above.
    And several prophesied were in vedas regarding prophet muhammad,they are,
    Bhavsya puranam,Parva 3,kanda3,adhya3,shokla 5.
    Bhavsya puranam,
    parva 3, kanda 3, Adhya 3, shokla 10-27.
    Sam veda book 2, hymn 6 & verse 8.
    Rig veda book 1, hymn 53, verese 9.
    Here you can found name of prophet in sanskrit, & there many more in vedas and due to time constraints, i’m not mentioned here., if you denied this means you are denying your sacred vedas.

    Famous, prof. Pandit vaid parkash of an indian university had conducted research as he well know sanskrit scholar, he was backed up by 8 sanskrit scholars of making his research work and published a book named “Kalki avatar” and the professor said in his book as “the last Avatar(messenger) that the veda’s has foretold and who is waited on by Hindus is the prophet Muhammad son of Abdullah”
    pandit vaid prakash is Brahman hindu & well known sanskrit scholar.
    Last thing, you said i’m a misguided muslim, Did God gives you the knowledge of Hidden things?
    You want to say something to my comments, so you are uttering words without any sense,

    If you are truthful means Turn to God Almighty & submit your will to God.

    • You seem to be very frustrated as I pointed out that you are a misguided Muslim and your main agenda is conversion. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.

      Regarding proof, there are not statistics in this world which would prove that so many persons of a religion goes to a particular place. We can easily determine this by the number of shrines in that area. You said there are a very few shrines but actually there are millions of shrines across the world. check it again.

      I had pointed out in my previous comment that it is a false propaganda of Muslims to claim that Kalki avatar is Muhammad. I would explain it in detail in an article. Don’t worry.

      Though there are Muslims like you who are taboos to the Muslim society, I respect Islam as it is a good religion. This is not going to change my mind I know which is your main aim.

    • Mr.
      First of all let me tell you that in Sanatan Dharm there are no restrictions from worshiping idols….In hindu scriptures its written that

      “God has no shape,image or idol” This is 100% true
      But God resides in every smallest bit of its creation…Irrespective of it being an idol,image or any shape..So even if you worship an idol,image or anything else you ultimately and finally end up worshiping God!

      Observing by the maturity of your comments ,i believe you are a student currently.
      Therefore I would like to give you a bit of information about hinduism..
      In Hinduism there are 4 stages of life:
      (student life)
      (household life)
      (retired life)
      (renounced life)

      A person gets the real meaning of hindu scriptures when he is in 4th stage of his life…Therefore ask any hindu priest about real meanings of things penned down in Hindu scriptures by Saints & Gurus..

  9. I read all the comments n just cannot understand what is the fuss about…first of all if u read it clearly states that kalki is to be born in the kalyug…. in recent future n lead humanity into new era but mohammad sahab came and went before the end of the end of kalyug…… there is narak or hell in hinduism but very different from that of islam or christianity….v are not sent to hell for not praising the god but on the basis of karma…read on wikipedia about the things above…..god has not forbidden to give him a face just said he is formless n it is wrong but not forbidden v r just expected to do right n love him…..the other thing is i do not like this post….hinduism n islaam r very different n v respect them both..n their followers… end of story let people chose what they want to be

  10. My Dear friends,
    I went through the entire posts and i must say that there are some very good posts and then there were some promoting very specific line of thoughts.

    One thing we all must agree to, is the fact that neither hinduism nor islam is being practiced in the true form that it was intended to. All the above posts are debating the true form that is “supposed” to be followed whereas that is as far away from the truth as is possible.

    Both the religions follow written books to educate and illustrate the teachings of their respective religions. People all over the world twist the meaning of words as per their own convenience. This example will be clear to people who know hindi. There are two statements with exactly the same words “roko mat, jane do” and “roko, mat jane do” but the meaning of the first set of words is “dont stop, let go” and the meaning of second set of words is “stop, dont let go”. Even when looking at the same image, one might says 6 and the other might say 9, depending on the way and direction of their own viewpoint. The same is done with religion as well. People make their own interpretations and then try to impose the same on others. i can give numerous examples of these misinterpretation and how it leads to communal tension. In the interest of not hurting sentiments, i am not quoting them. but trust me when i say this “religion today in its current form has been reduced to politics and nothing more”.

    Both Hinduism and Islam have very strong fundamental values upon which they have been built. I suggest we embrace their true from


  11. Hello Friends,
    both of all are right on his place but not right on a place that we are prove our self. Any way we will achieve the same. our religion is the way only. We are unnecessarily waste time in discussion. Because we know that we are talking about whose the cause of both thing appearance and not appear.

  12. If you carefully look into the vedas or kuran or any religious books (original forms and not modified ones) it is science of living. It tells you about what to eat, when to eat, how to behave with other people, etc. The preachers / saints knew that by human nature, it will be unlike that all people will follow that. So they formulate a coating related to GOD ( natural powers).
    There are peoples who dont belive without having things seen and others who can’t concentrate. for those idols are created. Human alike face was given to have 1. easy understanding and 2. learn that we have to respect humans also. To guard the nature, animals and other forces of natures were formulated as faces of GOD. It is like a medicine in sweet capsule.
    GOD is other name of life which has three main part Generation, Operation and Destruction.
    Religion is teaching how to live life in form which is better for self and others. If read properly it give reference of the lifestyle observed during that time with comments that one should follow the guidelines / defined paths with their common sense. It is found that rules were bended or broken by the preacher / saints for wellbeing of mankind. We know them in the form of chamatkar.

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