Differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

Though most of the aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism are the same, there are some differences between these two great religions. We will try to point out those differences in this article.

Hinduism Vs Buddhism:

1. Hinduism has no single founder. Buddhism was founded by Lord Gautam Buddha.

2. Buddhism does not comment on God but it only talks about Goddness. Hinduism strongly believes in God.

3. Hinduism advocates rituals, prayers as well as meditation as forms of worship whilst Buddhism advocates only meditation as a form of worship.

4. Hinduism believes in caste system. Buddhism does not believe in caste system.

5. Buddhism accepted evangelistic approach to spread Buddhism. Hinduism did not accept evangelistic approach to spread Hinduism.

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One thought on “Differences between Hinduism and Buddhism

  1. Hinduism allows every individual to discover his/her own way to get close to God….So,I guess these differences dont matter much!
    The better part is that both these religions teach tolerance..

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