Who is a Hindu

Who is a Hindu: The answer to this question can be very simple but if you want to know the deep meaning of being a Hindu, you need to know what the definition of Hindu is according to Hindu scriptures and Hindu scholars.

The person can be called as a Hindu if he/she

1. Believes in salvation as the ultimate goal of life.

2. Believes in Vedas.

3. Believes in birth and rebirth.

4. Believes in God.

5. Believes that there are many ways to achieve salvation.

6. Believes that all the deities are the manifestations of God.

“Who is a Hindu” according to Bal Gangadhar Tilak:

“Acceptance of Vedas with reverence; recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are diverse; and realization of the truth that the number of Gods to be worshipped is large, that indeed is the distinguishing feature of the Hindu religion.”

This definite is also accepted by Indian courts.

In practice, there are some Hindus who do not believe in God or might believe in one God only, then aren’t they Hindus?

The formal definition might not accept them as true Hindus but still it is quite possible that the person might like other aspects of Hinduism and want to follow it without such formalities. Therefore, he can be definitely termed as a Hindu.

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