Treasure in Padmanabha Swami Temple

Padmanabha Swami Temple is a temple in the state of Kerala, India. There is a big statue of Lord Vishnu with a lotus in His left hand. The Sheshnaga is smelling the fragrance of that lotus. There is a Padmatirtha in front of the temple.

This temple has recently been in news with the discovery of the treasure worth more than One Lac to Five Lac Crore Rupees or may be even more. Because of this, it has become the richest temple in the world. The temple was not very famous before this news. Actually, this is not a discovery, the treasure has been lying there since hundreds of years. According to the legends, there are wells full of gold lying under there. If all the area is explored, one would get even more wealth there.

The treasure found consists of pure gold, diamond, sapphires, pearls, valuable stones, golden crowns, golden idols, old British and Roman coins. This treasure has been found after opening the five rooms of the temple. The one room which is not yet opened is believed to have even more wealth!  All this wealth has been accumulated over the hundreds of years by donations of devotees, taxes collected by the king from time to time, and money earned from selling the famous Kerala spices.

This treasure came to light when one of the chief of royal family, Utharadam Thirunal, gave permission to a photographer to take photos of the antiques in the temple. The workers of the temple came to know about the treasure inside the temple. Rumors spread about the royal family using the treasure. One of the devotees appealed in the high court against this. Royal family filed a case against this appeal claiming that their family has all the rights over the things in temple. After that, a retired IPS officer, T. P. Sundaram appealed to the court to take over the wealth in the temple. Thus, this treasure came before the world.

Padmanabha Swami Temple has been under the administration of the trust made by royal family of Travancore. They are the staunch devotee of Padmanabha Swami and they say that they are not interested in the wealth.

Lots of people wish that this wealth should be used for the welfare of people but this wealth belongs to Padmanabha Swami Temple. What I think is the treasure should be sold and the money should be deposited in different Indian banks under the trust. This would give a large amount of money for the banks to use in the market and it would boost Indian economy. The interest earned on the money should be used to renovate the temple and provide facilities to the devotees coming to Padmanabha Swami Temple and for the welfare of people in Kerala.

There are many temples in India who must be having a lot of wealth. The declared property of Thirupathi Balaji Trust is about 35 thousand crore. As India was one of the richest countries in the past, there must be a huge wealth across India.

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