Free Black Magic Remedies

Disclaimer: The main aim of this article is just to provide information on black magic and not to spread superstitions. Views expressed in this article are my personal views, which I would like to share with all. I am not an expert in this field, so reader’s discretion is advised.

If someone does not believe that sun rises in the east, still the sun will rise in the east. It does not matter whether you believe it or not, black magic exists and will continue to.

It is true that we live in 21st century and the human being has landed on the moon but the rules of nature have not changed yet. Considering ourselves very advanced in science and overlooking the old science is the main cause that black magic is on rise, especially in Asia. Due to increased lust, jealousy, frustration, and greed for money, people are looking for short-cuts in life.

It will be easier to find a black magic remedy for you if you understand what exactly black magic is.

What is black magic?

Black magic can be defined as belief of supernatural practices used to harm, kill, or cause misfortune to others.

The magic word here is a little bit misguiding. As magicians do some tricks and entertain us, we have same kind of impression for black magic. In fact, black magic is not a magic or trick but it is an ancient science, which involves mantras and power of thoughts, which can affect your life in a great way. Modern science is yet to unveil the science behind mantras. As you know some mantras have good effect on our body, the same way there are some bad mantras, which can harm us.

If you want to read how mind waves or our thoughts can affect our fortune, read the famous book “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.

What are other names of black magic?

Dark magic, witchcraft, chetuk, Karni, jaadu-tona, kaala jaadu.

What are the different forms of black magic?

Voodoo, Bhanamati, vashikaran, etc.

When did black magic originate?

There is no such official record available, but it must have been there from existence of human beings.

Where did it originate?

Most probably, Africa. (The most famous form of black magic is Voodoo, which has its origin in Africa).

Things used in black magic:

Lemons, Coconuts, Chillis, Turmeric, Kumkum, Black dolls, pins, needles, ash, nails, charcoal.

What a black magic can do?

Literally anything.

Black magic can make a person insane, injure him/her, kill, make commit suicide, can cause misfortune, can cause serious financial problems and lots of things. Black magic can cure the diseases also. It is up to the person, how he/she wants to use it.

Can a black magic spell be casted upon animals also?


Who is at a high risk of being a black magic victim?

Black magic can affect each and every person, may be children or adults, male or female. If someone thinks that he cannot be affected, it is his misunderstanding.

1. Those who do not have faith in God.

2. Those who trust God but do not trust black magic.

3. Those who have bad habits like smoking, drinking, visiting prostitutes, and do not trust in values.

What exactly happens with the black magic victim?

Generally, the things which happen with a black magic victim can happen with an average person also; therefore, it is hard to find whether a person is a victim or not. As most of the people do not believe in black magic, it is hard to detect it at an early stage. Black magic does not directly harm the victim, but it creates problems and enemies in the victim’s life, which will harm him/her.

Age group 0-14:

The victim might often fall sick, unnecessary irritation, fighting with everybody, lack of attention in school, illness does not get cured with medicines, might develop bad habits like watching porns, smoking, and even drinking alcohol.

Age group 14-50:

Misunderstandings with friends and relatives, women will get attracted towards the victim and their husbands or other close people will become enemies of the victim, breakups in love, everybody around you will be treacherous, victim might get involved in extramarital affairs, start drinking excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, or other form of abuse, loss of employment, severe financial problems, suicidal ideations, illnesses like kidney stones, hypothyroidism, depression, etc.

Age group 50 and above:

Different illnesses like diabetes, heart or kidney disorders, or others, irritation, fights with family members and others.

Dark magic is at its peak on Full-moon and No-moon days (Pournima and Amavasya). Hence, the victim should be cautious on these days.

Some common symptoms in a black magic victim:

1. Startling in sleep or while awake.

2. Sleep disturbance.

3. Anhedonia.

4. Raccoon eyes.

5. Irritation without any reason.

6. Financial problems.

7. Forgetfulness.

8. Dreams of snakes or dirty places.

9. Dreaming of falling from heights.

Free Black magic remedies:

Black magic exists in different forms and its remedies are also different. So, there is no single remedy to remove it. It is important to understand what kind of black magic it is and then only you can remove it completely. You will have to seek expert help in this regards. Unfortunately, there are a very few honest people who really have powers. Most of them are frauds. But you will have to look for one, do some trial and error, there is no other way. I am giving some common remedies, which would certainly help you. Remember, you can fight with black magic with logical thinking also. If you have a very strong and stable mind, the effects could be mitigated.

1. Homeopathy medicines is a good remedy for black magic because most of the symptoms of black magic are common to that of stress and homeopathy can treat stress very well. Therefore, homeopathy can provide you good symptomatic relief though not permanent.

2. In most of the cases the persons who do black magic are victim’s relatives or close friends. So, keep a close watch on everybody. Do not tell anybody your secrets or which deity you worship. Avoid contact with such persons.

3. Look for the suspicious things like lemons, nails, ash, kumkum, haldi, etc. in and around your house or where you regularly go. Throw them into the river if you get any.

4. Worship the Lord. There is no force stronger than Him.

5. Worship Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is famous for removing obstacles in our life. Offer him a red flower on Tuesdays and on Chaturthi. Do abhishek regularly in the temples. Visit the temple daily.

6. Meditation. Do meditation regularly. Try keeping calm. Do not fight with anybody. Try to change mind of your enemies.

7. Take professional help from the persons who know how to remove black magic. But be aware as most of these people are fraud or they will misuse their power to earn money from you.

8. Worship your family deity. He always protects you from debacles. Therefore, It is a common practice in black magic in India to deprotect the victim from the grace of family deity, so that the victim can easily be harmed.

9. Try to be friendly with everybody around you. Even if people behave bad with you, you behave in a friendly manner with them.

10. Avoiding eating food or drinking liquids at suspicious peoples’ home. They will give you ash of a dead person through it. Once eaten, it is hard to remove its effects.

11. Always keep a finance reserve for emergency. Do not take unnecessary risks.

12. Keep a dog or a cat in your house. Sometimes, the spells casted on you affects them first and you get saved.

13. The best way to get out of life problems is consultation. Consulting with the right person about your life problems such as with a psychiatrist can provide a real solution to your problems.

14. Take a lemon. It would be great if it has one edge. On a full-moon or no-moon night, tell the victim to sit on the floor facing east. Keep the lemon in your left hand and put your left hand on the victim’s head in such a way that the lemon just touches the head of the victim. Now, cut it vertically with a knife along the vertical axis. Fill some Kumkum and Turmeric in it and move it from head to the floor with lemon in your right hand but only hand touching the floor and not the lemon. Do it for seven times. Now, without wearing a sandal or shoe and without talking to anybody go out of your house and throw that lemon at a crossway or at a crematorium or at a dirty place. While returning from there, wash your feet with water and then enter the house. The victim should not go out of the house during this procedure.

15. Take some rice on a paper and add some curd to it. Put an egg in it. Add some Gulal to it and move the mixture from head of the victim to the floor and keep in at a crossway or at a crematorium. Do this on full-moon or no-moon night.

Please also see the comment section for more black magic remedies suggested by the readers.

It is obvious that a number of people are affected by black magic and hence we are receiving a number of comments asking for solution for their problems.  It is not possible to approve all the comments. Hence, please do not post your problems in the comment section, they will not be accepted. Only if you have some solution to the black magic, then only use the comment section. Please do not post links as we do not accept links from other websites because of abuse issues.

162 thoughts on “Free Black Magic Remedies

  1. Hi ,

    Sir I read your article about black magic which is very useful and informative .
    Sir few years ago some marvellous things happened with me . i was lying on a bed i saw a shadow of big human leg
    which was pressing down my stomach i tried to get up but i could’nt do this even i could’nt move any part of my body for 3 to 5 minutes . This shadow came from the top of the roof of the room by crossing it then went from my right side by trampling my stomach . I saw many ants on wall when i caught an ant in my hand it immediately disappeared .
    Cuts appeared on my palms and soles of foots and after some days it disappeared , kindly tell me Is this black magic ? am i victim of black magic ? if iam victim of black magic then what should I do to remove it ? kindly tell me i shall feel obliged .

    • Hi, the episode which you mentioned about unable to move any part of body can be a part of sleep paralysis. It has happened 10-20 times in my life. It generally happens when you have your hand on your heart.

      But the episodes of cuts is very unusual. Did it happen with you again? It is said that ghosts live in a 2D world and we, human beings, live in a 3D world and there are some borders where we encounter such paranormal phenomenons. If it does not happen with you again, then just forget it and have faith in God. But if it happens again, then you should consult with elders at your home, they would certainly guide you.

  2. I am not against any religion but any Muslim scholar (Aalim) can do better treatment of black magic vivtim… Or contact any sanyasi bawa/ Hindu scholar… I am sick from last 5 years… I have a problem of stomach… I have visited many specialists of stomah and gone through expensive treatements but useless… Nothing works…

    • Yeah, I have also heard something like that. Aghoris are also considered best in treating black magic problems. Your illness can be a physical problem also. You should consult a homeopathy physician also in that regard.

    • dude just worship bhairava no black majic works on them i was effted frm the worst noting can save u just do bhairava worship lite akanda jotyi with sesom oil take bahirava pic
      bhairava homanm is one yer effect

  3. Hi, first thing is that I am not a swamiji or any expert in this field as I mentioned at the start only. I would advise you to worship Lord Ganapati whose trunk is directed towards right i.e. Siddhivinayak. Offer him a red flower every Tuesday and Chaturthi.

    You should consult an expert in this field but I know it is very difficult to find a right one.

  4. respected sir,
    my mother who is the victim of this black magic have very painful life.she hve got shoulder pain since 2 years and she have done everything for it,specialists ,doctors they all hve said that there is no problem everything is normal but nothing is mother is in very painful and worst siutation i cant see her like this.we have doubt on our some relatives and many people have said that she have pain due to blakc magic..sir if u would help me i would be so thankful to you.i will wait for your reply..

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. Have you ever tried Yoga. If not consult a Yoga therapist as well as an Ayurvedic doctor. Start both treatments in parallel. Start meditation also which should include chanting Om.

      Try this for a few months and see the difference. Plz contact me afterwards.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am an International Businessman who has lost more than USD 50
    Million and many Companies in various Gulf Countries & India are in
    sick stage as of now and is the verge of suicide.

    I got your details from your Web Site and has seen that you cure Black
    Magic influences and seems that you are doing Research & helping
    people in this regard. Hence, I thought of sending you this since
    everyone I have approached in this World has failed in my case
    includeding the most popular ones in this field.

    I am under the influence of severe Black Magic suffering from Blocked
    Income & Profits for the last 25 years, since August 1986.

    I have approached almost all well known persons in the field like
    Sathya Sai Baba, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Osho Rajneesh, Amma Bhagavan,
    Pandit Shri Ravi Shanker, almost all Hindu, Christian & Muslim
    astrologers & Magicians in South India & North India, many astrologers
    in Nepal and many other Countries and not only that everybody has
    failed miserably, they were all attacked and wounded severely by this
    Spirit. I have spent more than a Million USD to come out of this and
    has been in vain and has reached a situation where I am unable to
    spent anything further.

    My problem is that, a Spirit of Vanadurga Devi that was helping me and
    attached to me was turned against me by my enemies through Witchcraft
    / Black Magic, in the year August 1986 and since then it is blocking
    all my fortunes, income & profits. Further, whoever I deal with will
    become my enemy for no reason whatsoever and will start acting against
    me, inspite of whatever good I do for them.

    If you have the solution, courage & capacity to handle this problem,
    take it as as a challenge and help me for which I would ever be
    grateful to you. If you are able to solve this problem and bring the
    Vanadurgadevi to do good to me, bring income & profits, I dont mind
    the amounts involved once the goal is acheived.

    But, please take up this case only if you have the capacity & courage
    to handle this problem, otherwise you & me will be hurt togather.

    Thanks & regards,


  6. thnks alot sir for replying to my reply im really vry thnkful.sir we have done everything inculding yoga and ayuverdic but nothing have worked.a woman have said that my mother have been victim of blakc magic and its done by hindu person which are vrey aunt she have done this and her aim is to kill my mother by the blakc magic.she have left chest pain inculding left shoulder aunt who once came here to my home on a visit twice as we live abroad and i have doubt that may be she have hidden any kind of item in our home and i need to get it but i dnt know how to do it.Sir if u please can help me and my mother to get rid of this black magic i would be very thankful to you..

    • You said you have tried Yoga and Ayurveda but have you tried meditation with chanting Om? Try it and tell her to wear a Om pendant also. Try this for a few months and I am sure this would certainly help her.

      No black magic is powerful than Om chanting. Thank you.

  7. i am not able to sleep at night on full moon day my head will pain heavily i will be not knowing what i am doing but if u take lemon and round my head my body vibrate and i will make a big sound from past 4years i am suffering i will be keep on thinkig what i will think i dont know and i will get tension for un necessary problems what i ave to do tell me

  8. sir,a lady always brings one single lemon to our home with other veggtables or fruits wenever she comes to visit us….she s jealous of us….we can feel dat…….is she doing and bad thru dat single lemon?plz reply

  9. hi,
    i have a problem regarding blackmagic i dont know what to do actually i was doing meditation before so the effect was less but now i m unable to do meditation as some things really bad things come to mind i m really fetup of facing things. i have lost every thing means every thing i really dont know what to do

  10. Dear sir,

    Once in my life 3 years back I was at a very peak position of my business the suddenly felt loss of health wealth and friends. I suffered meningitis for 2 years Its difficult to blame sum1 but I hav doubt on a close relative I call him mama & by nature I m very frendly and am a open book hence shared everything with him. I loved evey1 around me but now I see every1 with suspicion If black magic occurs I want to overcome this stage of life cause I m now completely ruined business bankrupt with debts on me closed ones left at that time my girlfrend left me , even with my current girlfrend things r not gud. i get irritated I get bad dreams of snakes & falling from heights & many more. I also hav kal sarpa yoga in my kundali . 1 very important thing is that I spoke to same person few days back what i suffered after last speaking to him which was a misunderstanding he said a remedy to all this is keeping a turmeric in your pocket , since then I m keeping it but result can b seen is it for good or bad.? Is it true that If the person who does black magic can release it too I hav not cleared him about my current location.

    • Yes, it is true that he can release it. Our condition depends upon our Karma. Face whatever comes to you and have faith in God. Everything will be fine. Do meditation. Chant om. Try to use maximum capacity of your brain.

      When the darkness is at its peak, be sure that morning would follow it.

  11. dear .pls reply to me …i have lost a camera memory card in the hotel..i suspect 4 people Sawan ,Manoj,Sunil ,Chetan. who has stolen it ..please reply me as soon as possible..

  12. Dear sir,
    i hav a health problem related to acidity ,,,,,,i consult many doctors in new york bt they respond very lightly that i do nt hav that kind of problem ,even they do not prescribe the medicine ,,,bt im facing a very bad health ,,pain in heart chest bones and breathing problem ,,even i also dreamed abt snakes generally ,,plz help me

    • Have you tried modifying your diet? Do not eat oily and/or spicy foods. Avoid eating curd, bread, pickles and in general things which are sour. Drink a glass of cold milk in the night (caution, this can cause cold). Take laxatives like 2 teaspoons of castor oil every week to clear up the stomach.

      Dreams of snake is definitely a sign of negative energy but do you get those often? Do meditation regularly and go to temple everyday.

  13. dear sir
    i am facing a very bad relationship karma,thrice i got breakup after fix up and fourth time i got married bt unfortunately ,things hav taken bad shape n presently seprated from husband bt nt legally divorcrd…from the child hood i dreamed abt my marriage wid a guy who is handicap,,,in another dream guy is divorced n having kids ,,in another dream guy is very poor bt in all dreams i finally married to that guys ,,,even i had a dreams of dirty places,,and dirt ,like shit ,toilets ,etc………and i also dream that im nacked n im bathing infront of everybdy,,,,,,,,nw finally i consult astroleger acc to her ,,i do nt hav good fortune n will nt experience happily married life or no marriage,,,,,,,,suggest me something im in a very big trouble is it bcoz of black magic or wat,,,,,,,,normally i do believe in god n do simran a lot

    • Your dreams certainly indicate black magic or some kind of negative energy around you. Your relationships are up to you only. Take care while choosing your partner and think about long term. Astrology is a very complex science and requires very high skills to predict the future. Do not trust local astrologers. Your destiny depends upon your Karma.

      Do meditation regularly with Om chanting and worship Siddhivinayak. Offer him a red flower every Tuesday and Chaturthi.

  14. THNX SIR,,,,
    i hv gone thru ur reply,,,,kindly suggest me abt this black magic ,,hw cn i get rid of it ,,,,or get rid frm dreams of my own marriage

  15. sir
    dreams of snakes happens often,,,,in a gap to 2-3 days ,i hav a dream abt snakes ,,,even yesterday i saw a black snake on room s wall moving ,nd i saw his one eye n three lights from it

  16. in dream,,,, nd whn i woke up in the morning i found my husband nt well ,he went to doctor for the checkup bcoz hez having pain in his heart , it happened suddenly

    • Most of the times symptoms are physiologic. Consult your doctor. Do get body check up also. Tell him to start meditation and om chanting.

  17. Sir i am suffering from a unique problem from past 1 year whenever i go out of my house the
    crows start crowing when i pass through them under the trees. Not only in my place but
    also in other places i have travelled out of station also even the same things happen there also.
    I dont know what to do kindly find a solution sir i am very afraid i am clueless i am a very
    religious person please reply to my mail as early as possible Thank you very much.

    • First thing “Jo Dar Gaya, O Mar Gaya.” So, keep the fear out of your mind. Second thing “Everything happens for the best.” God is never wrong.

      It is possible that you may be in contact with some kind of negative energy. Crows are very sensitive to it. That is why Hindus wait for the crows to eat the Pind after the death of a person.

      Nothing is bigger than Om. Chant Om and meditate. Go to Siddhivinayak temple.

  18. Thank you very much sir for replying. With reference to my previous post you said that i
    may be in contact with some negative energy as a result of cawing of crows sir can you just
    elaborate what kind of negative energy it might be has someone tried black magic on me. I
    have a doubt is there any pariharam that should be done along with chanting om….

  19. Dear Sir; this could be a wired coincidence for me, the way i found this page.
    I was looking for hindu pepper and oregano, cause last night i had a dream about that.
    So i was trying to learn more about hindu red pepper and oregano.
    My dream was about two women who was giving me that pepper and oregano to cure myself on some wired condition that i have, but i don’t really remember what was that illness condition in my dream.
    Can you please tell me if the pepper and oregano can cure any disease on human and if is yes, can you tell me what kind of disease?
    i’ll appreciate your help.

    • Oregano is a herb and is used for stomach-related problems like constipation, stomach pain, etc. Some Indian spices are known to have anticancerous properties. It is also used in respiratory tract, digestive system diseases.

  20. this is only for knowledge. i suspect our aunt did something to our house few years back. She used to go to babas etc. She was also jealous of me, my brother and my mother and sister because after my fathers death all of us managed to earn good money although we had nothing. One day, when i was not at home she went in our bathroom instead of using toilet. She came out after long time. When she came out the bathroom was not wet or used. After that coconuts in our house used to turn red(sindoori color). Then cotton clothes used to get holes as if cut with scissors. My new cotton dress i wore for the first time had 3cm radius holes on their own. this continued with me and my mother for years. So much so that i stopped wearing cotton clothes. My loving brother left house and went away. In the mean time, my aunt died. While on death bed we heard she called and rememberd my brother very much as if she wanted to say something. My brother’s whereabouts were not known. After her death one day, three coconuts broke on their own. Since that day coconuts dont turn sindoori red. But i still have problems with cotton clothes yet with very less intensity. These incidents made me very strong mentally. Even my happily married sister went in depression. Please guide

    • This could be possible. If you have only problem with cotton clothes, then forget it if it is not affecting your life. You said coconuts do not turn red now, then that is very good. You said your sister went into depression. That is really bad. The main problem is that people do not meditate when they are normal (I was also one of them). They start meditating after they are in trouble. We all must meditate at least a few minutes a day. Tell your sister to go to a psychiatrist as well as to a yoga therapist. The black magic remedies that I know are mentioned above.

  21. My name is sandeep singh and girl frd name kiranjeet kaur.My girl friend has betrayed me so I just want to have this plz give me solution. i have no way

  22. Helo I need 2 kno if da mantras n prayer procedures mentioned in da indarjal book will help me 2 get rid of my problems. I have health issues, no progress in life ,am moving backwards in life instead of forward. Am religous n pray a lot but stil hv dreams of snake biting da back of my head n blood pouring which really makes me scared.plz advise

    • I have not read this book, so I can’t comment on that. The black magic remedies I know I have mentioned in the article and in comment section.

  23. Helo. I need 2 kno frm u now that DIWALI is next week is there any powerful remedies that can b tried knowing also that this is an auspicious period in our hindu year. I am really going thru a tough time n it has been like this since we got married 11 yrs ago.I have tried a lot of people but nobody helped they just got rich wid da money I paid them .is there any other remedy that u of apart frm da 1s u already mentioned.ur insight wil b appreciated.thanx Raksha

  24. to all the people who face problems with blackmagic ,you should know that there is a mantra called mahamrityunjaya mantra which recited constantly during 40 days will take you out of that situation.anyone can learn the mantra on youtube,its a mantra from rudra lord shiva(shiva is the one who curses and its to him whom you should pray to get rid off the curse,shiva is mercyfull if prayed with faith and sincerity) and its not difficult to memorize it.the mantra goes om tryambakam yajamahe -sugandhim pushti vardhanam-urva rukamiva bandhanan-mrityor mukshiya maAmritat.this is said to be the mantra panacea against all evils and at the sametime it has a lot of advantages,protection from accidents ,diseases,,all kinds of ghosts, brings happiness cures brain problems,, brings fortune protection from negative planets ,restores health and many things more that could be written about this great mantra,its infact is shivas shield. its said that is as powerful as gayatri mantra. hurry up,learn to recite mahamrityunjaya mantra and get back your happiness.when you recite it do it facing east and looking to a picture of lord shiva that way its double powerful.during the 40 days recitation its capital to not to have sexual intercourse not even sexual thoughts (ghosts mostly posses you and haunt you because of sex enjoyment), become extrictly vegetarian and drink litters of lemon with water and honey to clean well your blood the quality of our blood is the quality of our conscience and the quality of our conscience is the quality of our world,and offcourse dont drink alcohol or coffe or chocolate or any stimulant and most of all DONT SMOKE! smoke attracts ghosts because it weakens your aura or protective field,so you see to get rid off blackmagic takes many things to be applied.organize your self well for the battle avoid bad company and if you can, reclude your self in a save place during the practice,like in nature or in a monastery i say that because i know how hard some blackmagics can be like tantra badha abhichara etc.wish you good luck.

  25. Hii,
    today wen my mummy got up at 6 she opened the door of our balcony she saw something strange…she called me nd my brother..the strange thing was a lemon was kept in front of our door the lemon was cutted into 4 pieces but the pieces were not apart frm lemon they all were together like a flower…we all get tensed…nd the thing which making me tensed that i m 20 nd on that day i was going through my menstural cycle nd i have heard that black magic harms more if u r going through periods that was my 3rd day..frm that day i always started chanting maha mritanjay paath nd hanuman chalisa…nd i also pured ganagajal on the portion were the lemon was kept….but internally i m very much afraid…like something will went bad…i m very much disturbed frm that incident plzz suggest wot cani do that me nd my family will not get affected of all this blck magic……
    Thanx and regards

    • It is true that black magic affects most when the female is going through MC but I think you have taken proper precautions. What did you do with the lemon? Throw it in the flowing water. Lemon has some limited powers. There are many things which are more powerful than the lemon. How many layers did lemon have? Fear is the key. Don’t get afraid. With your fears, you might be attracting more troubles.

  26. i want to kill my enemy through black magic.plz suggest me a simple remedy to cause death to my enemy.plz do mail me the remedy on my email. id. thank u.

    • Sorry, I don’t know but I would not have told you even if I knew. Black magic is a boomerang, it would come back to you after a period.

  27. Dear Sir,
    I am devraj from delhi india. My sister in law(bhabhi) has been facing this problem for last one and half year. We have been taken in many hospital and showed her to many magician. But real uncle keep doing black magic again and again. Three times in a week. We are complled to stop him. Some times she is fine and some time not in a day. We are very upset about it. please help me sir.

  28. Dear Sir,
    I just want to know that why this magic is done at simple people who have not done anything bad to others.I believe that some one has done some magic on my parental house because noone is happy with each other and very deep atmosphere is there.
    Please suggest how to avoid this situation.I shall be highly obliged of yourself if you give me some solutions immediately to avoid to happen alll bad things in their life.

  29. yes this happned recently when i was building my new house ,someone had placed to lemons with kumkum on it near the entrance of my house this happned two times and i found out my relatives had done it i wanted to know for what was it done and how to undo it and is it serious? if yes than how to undo it . thank you

  30. dear sir
    very informative article…my problem is that when i close my eyes..i cant see..and also when i shut my mouth i can speak…if i slap any person he starts shouting at me……yesterday i stole my friends mobile, he got angry with me…people behave angrily towards me…y this all is happening to me….is this black magic..when i shut my mouth i cant speak…and plz can u tell me the color of socks that im wearing….
    joe black


  32. I have discovered that someone has done black magic on me. The person who old me was from hindu or sikh religion but he took the black magic out of me and told me how to revoke it. He asked me to bring black cloth and lemon and elachi and another thing called loong. And told me to take the four elachi and loong in the black cloth and chuck it around the person who did black magic on me. but accidently i put in more quantity. i made two packs of black cloth each contains 4 elachi and 4 loong each.basically i chucked in more quantity and since than things have been going really wrong with me. my body is hurting head feel heavy, i am keep throwing my clothes and personal out of home do not want to see any thing dirty in home if i do i start feeling sick. my family is really concerned about this matter. I tried to contact that Aamil many occasions but he never replies.

    Please can you suggest me something what i should do about this matter i do not even have much knowledge about black magic and i will really appreciate if you can respond me as soon as possible on this matter.

    Many Thanks,

  33. Thank U Sir for such very informative stuff. Its an honour to learn the remedies for Black magic from U . It would be a great help if U could give me something to help me regain my looks and figure as my relatives keep on making me look very old.I am a Muslim.I am a Silva Graduate and an Silva UltraMind Graduate. I practice meditation and also am religious and follow all the right mantras too. I also lost my job because of the Black Magic two months ago.If U can suggest something I would be very grateful. Thank U again.

  34. Me & my wife happily married for 13 years. Hv a lovable daughter also. My wife always has a suspicious mind of me involving with any ladies nearby me. This is increasing day by day. She often threatens to leave me by virtue of her tremendous anger, breaks, throws even hits me. After few hours or a day she become normal and we r a very romantic couple. My qs. to u is my wife a victim of blackmagic ? if not cn u pls help me in having a happily married life. (Sometimes my wife also finds me in some misunderstanding situations)


    • Keep yourself away from it. Don’t try to manipulate your destiny with such things. Instead of that pray to God from the bottom of your heart. God is never wrong.

  35. My Father died when i was 3 in sudden car accident, his mother died a month before his own death, his family started calculating cost and how much who would get, my mother fought them and left it for us..
    My sister 3 years elder to me married a man who was with other woman all the time, he once had black magic on him and he was told to go to the sea and wash himself seven times… i didnt pay attention to detail… but my mother and me have not got along with him at all.
    My sister has caused allot of problem sudden yelling, bad mouthing to family.. i cant help but feel its black magic as she was never like this.. We never had communication with my Dad’s family from childhood, she is now in communication with them and have shut us out and refusing to get in touch with us.
    My know my fathers sister is into black magic..

    please can you advise… help me please i cant see her and i talk to her… my mother is falling sick…
    please help me

  36. hello,
    In December 24,2011 ko mere father ki death ho gayi thi mere father 65years kay thay jab bhi hum log unka naam kahatey thay to wo usi waqt aa jathay thay 17th dec ko achanak say unko brain attack pada or 24 dec tak wo hospital me rahe. kuch din pehalay papa na kha tha ki unki nose say koon aa raha tha lekin hum logo na kuch khas dhan nahi diya tha. papa ke jane ke baad say bhai ki tabiyat theek nahi rahti hai matlab 1-2 month pehlay achanak say uske pate mein bahoot tej dard hua aur 1-2 din say phir uske pate mein dard ho hara hai. mummy ek baba (uun par mata pati hai) kay pass gayi to usne bataya ki tumhare ghar par black magic kiya hai tumhare relative nay kiya hai nahi to tumhare papa ki age to 88years thi black magic ki karan tumhare papa ki death hui hai aur ab tumhare beta par hai . black magic 2003 mein kiya hua hai.
    Please hum bataya ki hum kya kare

  37. Many useful insights and information indeed.
    This shows beyond doubt that black magic exists and has created havoc in most of our lives (myself included). However, the more experienced of us, if we can share information of some trustable mantriks, babas etc who are NOT commercial but would like to provide service to suffering Human Beings, it would be really wonderful. We may not be able to save someone. Atleast if we can guide him /her to an appropriate doctor, I think we can get as much punya for ourselves!

    Dear Admin sir, you surely seem to have experience and depth. Can you guide us with one or two reliable tantrikd who can cure Black Magic. We will all be grateful to you!

  38. i want to know if my mother is trying to stop me frm being healthy and successful bcoz it always happens when i live with her i get sick frequently, get angry quickly, sleep more, its hard achieve success..
    so always force me to eat some particular things..
    plz help me bcoz i want my life back on track…

  39. Dear Friends,
    Its true when their is light their is dark also. When their is god their is evil also.Their r good and bad also.
    All is how we make use them in our life to self gaurd and growth.
    Even I have faced such things in my life. It is not only the black magic its also from our own inner thoughts to external world. If we are capable to control our own thoughts and handle we can stop any evil in harming us. But our culture, surrounding nor the education teach us how to handle our inner world.
    My life was easy and winning till last 3 years. Now I hav fallen from tip in financial/job/family matters. I find it very diffcult without wearing rudraksha and gomedaka.
    Yes with these help I am able to calm my mind otherwise daily it will be irritating,sadness,frustration… -ve effects.
    But still I am not able to win in financial and kidds matter. I aproached many doctors and we(me and my wife) dont have any problems still she is unable to concieve.
    I aproached a tantric and found their are some people from my family have done some kartu and its affecting our life.
    Its beyond my control hence we are doing some puja to overcome.
    Dear friends please pray for us.
    Prayer has power.
    O god please help all needed in full.
    Let all be happy.Let all be +ve.

  40. dear friends

    sorrry for your problems, may allah help you, trust on me he is the creator and he can help you, you dont know your second minute of your life, no doubt you should try to help yourself but one thing is clear you should find a way either good or bad but once treated should not go back for treatemtn,

    as per my information the best wasy to treat onself from quran and hadis by listing through rugiyah of ayan sahar or mas ayan is bad eyes sahar is magic mas is damaging one from using jins

    as per all religious books humans and jins are created and they move in our body and create troubles bads ones. so when they listen quran ayah of mas ayan or sahar they will run from body , regarding taking out balck magic from stomoch you should use senna tabalets to clean stomoch inshallah these is hadis of profit rearding other things next time

    fareed ahmed

  41. Thank you sir for giving all such a wonderful suggestions, i m a victim of black magic from last 8 years, in my case symptoms are:- stomach pain, chest pain, shivring of whole body, bad dreams, negative thoughts etc….

    gone through so many Doctors but dint get the solution at all, my condition is getting worst day by day, then my uncle suggest me a constentine, i gone to that person he had done some kind of tantra by lemon n Coconut, n said sum mantras of Maa Kali, n i got recovered that time only, m feeling lite very lite n open, 95% i get recovered…

    m telling all this, as i had read the article from the starting n so many people r suffered n dint have the solution, so atleast they got the idea to get rid…

    The people who suffered from some evil spirit, i tell u the right place, cum to india, state-rajasthan, city- Jaipur. 120kms From Jaipur a holy place Mandhipur Balaji, a temple of Lord Hanuman, world famous for releasing evil spirits, visit the place once, u surely get rid from evil spirit as u enter the temple…

    N please away from the fraud peoples as there are atmost 99% frauds in this profession i tell u frankly, I hope u all get a solution, but without effort u never get… thanx…

  42. dear sir ,
    i was in a relationship for 3 yrs. we were very happy bt one day whn my gfrnd wake up in the morning she found red spots at her quielt ( razai) after few weeks we jst started fighting wthout ny reason n she left me .
    i donno wat to do i still love her n she accpt dat she also loves me bt we cant live together !!!!
    plzzzzz suggest wat to do !!

  43. Hi sir, i am from jammu. Last nite when i was sleeping i see man totally black coming inside my room nd placed black clothes in mu almirah. Nd my eyes are gettin effected continuosly within 10-15 days. Can any1 help me plz. I dnt undersand what happens with me. I m suferrin alot with all this stuff.

  44. Dear Sir,
    Hi! How r u? Hope will be fine.
    Thanks for sharing this information. There r very few of them who can guide in the right way in such matters. i would like to share my problem.
    i m in deep love with a girl who is north india but settle in mumbai with her family. she has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. living with her step-mother and father.( sorry its very complicated to understand futher) her real mother is off 10-12 years back. from her real mother and father she is having 1 sister, 1 brother and herself. from her step mother and father she is having 2 brothers. And from her step-mother’s ex husband she got 1 sister and 1 brother. Now the matter is her step mother gives a lot of trouble to my Gf and her real bro and sis. her brother got fed up with her and stays saprate with his wife and my Gf ‘ sister. So now my Gf is left alone with her father and step-mother and step bro and sis. My GF father drinks alot and listen whatever her step-mother order him to do. while drinking her father gets emotional and starts crying and talking saying that i killed my wife ( GF real mother) and now its my turn. Her step- mother is also against with our relationship and trying very hard to break our relation. And her all family puts pressure on her to leave me. As they dont want her to see happy at any cost. Her step-mother visted a lots of tantriks and jyotish to break our relationship. I have observe and her sister also lissen her step-mother talking on phone with some jyotish on phone. She is also doing black magic to destroy my GF’s brothers marraige and always put them down in front of their father. Now she is planing to kill her father by black magic and put the blame on my GF and her brother. i can say this surelly bcoz her step-mother always calls my GF’s family in punjab and says that my GF’s give tension to her father and anything goes wrong if he died the blame should be on my GF and her real brother. whenever anyone vists her house her step-mother repeats the same line without forgeting and her step-bros and sister shakes her head on their mother’s statement. They are doing this only for the property of her father. Ones my Gf’s step-mother asked my gf to come with her to some jyotish and that will give some medicine powder for 1 month to eat. I strictly said no to my Gf and she agrees not to go and refused to her step-mother. I m feeling very helpless bcoz i got an acciedent 2 years ago and broke my back-bone and cant able to walk. I will get cure in next 8-10 months then want to marry with my Gf. Some problems happened with me also, i m also not getting success in my bussiness from last 1 year. Everything gets finalize and the next movement gets cancelled. I think her step-mother has done something with me also bcoz she has made my kundli also and i had told her also that as soon as i settle my bussiness i will soon get marry with my Gf. but from that all my bussiness got down. There are many things which me and my Gf had observed regarding her step-mother. I m feeling very helpless and scared about my GF her father and her real brother and sister. Her step-mother everyday finds new ways to give trouble and made her life like hell. i cant see my Gf crying everyday. i love her alot and want to take her out of this.
    i will be very thankfull to u. please help me…
    God bless u
    Ninad Joshi.

    • you are blaming someone and again come up with reasons and excuses to not to help.If you are not mentally strong then i am sure ur GF will going to suffer with you.Help her by making her independent and dont try to become a Hero or masiah.Dp if you can do something else dont find excuse or blame someone.

  45. my 6 years plus son passed away bcos of black magic and i wanna exactly know the aamil and the person who went to aamil for black magic. what should i do. is there any way where exactly i can locate these persons. need just guidence… it is 200 % sure that my sweet son was targeted by black majic. i have been victim of these things many times and got releif through aamils but now no one is guiding me that who has done so. pls do this favour. thanks

  46. Hi,
    My mother in Law has sprinkled some rice grain (few of them were red in color mayb 2-3 (kumkum for sure))under my bed mattress where I keep my head. The same is done on the other side where my husband sleeps… I guess she is perfoming some kind of magic on me so that me and my husband break up. Off-lately we are fighting like cats and dogs and he has started calling me names and abusing my parents in this last one month whenever he gets angry.
    Last year I had a doubt so I check her bag and found kumkum packed in one packet and sugar in one plastic bag too…
    Please help me because my relation is suffering and I feel like getting divorced with him. Also I am suffering from depression. And I feel as if I am gonna go mad someday… This is not for the first time… Its happening for the second time…


    • Clean the mattress and sprinkle few drops of gow-panchaka (Urine of cow mixed with turmeric (Do it on full moon day), stop using the foot wear which you have been using (Both of you) and keep a lamp burning with the cows ghee (preferable in front of Tulsi plant), if possible feed a black dog to its full with the food you serve to a guest, I am sure you will see the difference

  47. remedy is there u just donot accept it meditate and see ur self what u want to be say thanks to god it has worked for many it will work for u also

  48. Dear Sir,

    I am not sure whether my Job loss is due to black magic and hence approach you for your kind advice.


    I lost my job on a senior position within just 5 months (FEB 2011 to JUNE 2011)for no good reason. I have been struggling since then to get one but in vain. Interviews are good but somehow it does not click. Normally I get selected in just one sitting but this time things are going out of control. Now its 8 months with no result and no ray of hope. I have doing everything and still doing all that I can – Chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Saichalisa, Shani Chalisa, donating alms, Read Sai Satcharita thrice, Wrote 11000 times SAI, Cut the lemon and thrown on the cross roads , My key contacts with Directors & COO’s is also not helping and I am just loosing my patience now. Can U please advice whether this situation has anything to do with black magic and if yes, the possible remedies with your expert analysis and diagnosis. Your good friend in distress. Thanks. Regards, Prashant.

  49. Dear Sir,
    I’m in afair for the last 7 yrs… my phiancy is a genuine person ( North Indian),, He some how convinced his parents for our marriage and she accepted too.. But it was later that we realised that my mother in law was so tricky she took my photo, kundli to do black magic… she has separated my phiancy completely from me,, he is only fighting with me everyday saying that he will listen to his mother and will marry a lady whom his mother show,,,,i’m fighting for my life and love for the last 2 yrs,,, i met several saadhu’s and astrologers too,,, al were in pain,, now he is totally away from me and want to marry someone else before Jan 2013,,, please advice me how to get my problem resolved..

  50. i read ur article . worst thing happen in my life . so please say what willi do
    any professional man who give me any type of advice and thropw out from my these

  51. sir me and my family going in very bad thing most in financial crises . no one can help us
    we are good family in our town by economy as well as respect
    now worst thing starts in our life seance last 4 & continent
    family bizness in lost we cant get in rise
    please save us
    please tell me what will i do
    give me the person address for consulting

  52. hi dear………….
    some body stolen my money i want to do business with him i did payment then he disapeared.
    some bodu told me you do block magic on hime to get love with you to pay back or do block magic on his wife to give you information about his hasbant where is he.
    or you can get information through block magic that where is he .
    so please let me know what you can do for me.

  53. dear sir , 1 of my client has taken material from me and is not giving me money in fact he is blackmailing me to give more material otherwises he will not pay me a single money what should i do whome to tell this, amount is very big, in the past olso he has done this type of scandals i came to know later

  54. Hi,

    I am a victim of black magic from the age of 15+ and now at 28+ I am still sustaining….been in very bad situations and today I Abhijit order the Jin,Ghost, or whatever you are to assist me,help me and compensate the lost opportunity I had with more luck,prosperity and wealth.I fought ever bit of obstacles and difficulties with a single thing in mind they can’t harm me more and so I am still surviving.Brother and sisters have faith in you and as adviced by the blessed Admin here do the pujas and meditation.

    God Bless All

  55. Black magic exists.It is an ancient art.It totally works on karmic faith.If you had done something wrong in past birth 100 percent people will suffer in this birth,no short cuts in life.It is mere repentenance and asking for forgiveness with almighty.If there is a strong metal rod without holes no dust will sit inside but if metal rod has entire holes on it automatically dust will sit on it .The metal rod is reffered to past karmic sins and good things we have done.some people take there fate for black magic nobody can help it.
    most magic spells are from atarvana veda.Guarding diety is Pratyangira Devi or atarvana veda badrakali start meditating on her she will give maximum relief.Offer every friday jaggery water mixed with dry ginger and cardamon to her …if you have practising of homa in your house offer chilli powder in homam which is also dear for pratigara devi.Eventhough shiva has master key for atarvanaveda ,prathingara devi has given control over it.worshipping veerabadra who is badrakali husband will also give maximum relief.Do not waste money on pandits,nonsense people who pull money saying that they remove blackmagic.Will power should be more dominating when people are effected with black magic.Hold any powerful gurus samadai and pray constantly for kaliyuga it is only guu who will give relief soon more than anyone.chant shiva panchakshari all the time in home which will give maximum profits.whole world has three parts water and one part earth the same way blackmagic is filled with three parts and good things is only part.It is better to take care of our selves as everyday blackmagic and bad things approach everythings on earth to show its domination.So easy remedy is hold gurus feet ,chant shivapanchakshari “om namaha shivya” all the time while eating ,sleeping ,taking bath wherever you go he will show his is one of the powerful mantra of 7 crore mantras in atarvanaveda.

    • respected sir,
      i am married from last ten years.n our life is like a roller coaster since then .before my marrige my husband had very good jod n finiancialy too he was good but two month before our marrige he lost his job then he was without job for 4-5 month. he joined different jobs after that but could not achieve the same success or finiacial support.n always moving from one place to another n always ending in frustration loss of huge money.his nature is very aggerasive most of time he is not ready to listen what i say n ready to accept other’s suggestions.there were huge fights between us. sometime we r trying to be forget our issues then also something goes wrong n again go through mental disturbance.
      only good thing is our two kids …but now they also seem effected by our frustations .my family is always stays apart so without any emotional support i m r trying spend my daily life. please giude me how to protect my family .i m sure someone has done somthing wrong in my life thats why i m suffering i good times too.
      please reply

    • Hi couldyou pl help me wife is sufering from black magic for last6 years and it took us a lot of time to know who is doing this .. it is my mother… she got thairaite, marks on face… we went to many doctors .. checked every thing ..nothing came out .. tantric removes it however she do it again ..she doit every tuesday and saturday help ..we wait forher to die ..

  56. We have tried to compile rare material on occult sciences that is very difficult to get anywhere. Most of the material and remedial measures given in the forum are tried and tested and have good results and you can try them and get benefited.

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  57. hi sir,
    me and my bf love eachother so much but his ex gf is not leaving her we have visited some gurus they said she is doing black magic on him is it possibe to get relief from her as he always in tension bcoz of her…

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  59. Hello friends,i have black magic book.i am live in indian city nagpur.if you want this book at my call me on sunday.please call me in hindi or mobile 9767184878.i have no email name is gaurav rathod.

  60. I am a victim of strongest Black Magic by own friends in jeolousy !
    I become puppet of their orders and obeyed ! they performed some rituals on me and since then i lost my entire business, fortune and living as a begger !
    i have tried so many mahants and masjids but in vein !
    can you help me to emerge back in life !
    can you suggest some remedies atleast to have first sign of relief from this worst phase ?
    with reagards
    anil sv

  61. Hii Sir/ Madam

    I am from bombay.. Me n my girlfrnd is suffering from black magic… I love her a lot and she loves me more than i do…but now she is ignoring me and going behind the person who is doing this on her.

    Please help us…

    My contact number is 9930180766, 8268241963.


  62. Sir last year my uncle found some things at our home ground when he cleaning our home ground he got some things that you mentioned those used in black magic those things are some kind of bone some soil birds skeleton etc. i think some evil person tried to destroy our family for example my mom get a pain in her stomach from some years and still also and also i feel depressed my family members don’t attached each other. We told our a neighbour who knows about black magic he checks our home grounds some soil and told that our neighbours used this for jealousy and we did some kind of things as adviced by him but my moms stomach pain is still alive We also take x ray but nothing seen inside my mom stomach,Sir i wish you will give some advice that we can get relief. Thanks

  63. sir,
    my mother is suffering from depression . We are also having financial crisis and our relatives and other family members are slowly turning our enemies. We have doubt on someone who might have casted a black magic on us please help us to come out of situation.

  64. Hello, I have a question, not really about black magic but I basically fell in love with a very tamasic person and I would like to know if there is a mantra to make you stop loving someone?

  65. Sir someone has given me KAIVISHAM in food(black magic medicine) please provide me moral support and help me get rid of this problem. i shall be really grateful to you.. plsssss reply at the earliest i am not able to eat anything propely from several months.. pls save me.

      Who really want to get relief from KAIVISHAM in food(black magic medicine) & from black magic try this:
      1. chant this below slogan 16 or 28 times a day in front of any amman or kaali or chamundi photo in pooja room. If no any amman photos in pooja room, it is also ok, no problem. Chant on morning or evening, but who is going to chant this slogan should believe god. This is kaali amman slogan.
      om khream khream khream
      hoom hoom hream hream
      kukya kaaligae khream khream
      hoom hoom hream hream

      After completing 45 days, who facing the problem of KAIVISHAM in food(black magic medicine), take a pinch of vibhudhi in your thumb and forefinger and chant this slogan for 3 times and then put that vibudhi in your mouth. Do this in pooja room. Repeat this at regular interval of 1 week or 15 days or 1 month. Surely the black magic problems will be solved.

  66. Thx so much for the genuine information u hv provided about black magic to a common person .I have lost everything in my business n is bankcrupt now for the last many years.whatsoever business i do i am facing problems/obstacles of one or the other kind.Now one spritual baba who donot charge anything have told me that one of friend has made a black magic upon me n he has paid 1.5 lakh of indian rupees to a profession for this.Though baba has promised me to do his best to remove the efeects of black magic upon me but i am not feeling any betterment thou he claims he has already started to remove the bad effect.Can u please help me to remove the bad effect of black magic so that i can live a better n normal life.
    Thx so much hope i will hear from u soon

  67. hi is there any black magic there and where are those peoples who perform this are?if it is true am a christian and i want to know where this people are so i can go an look at how they are remember where those people who perform black magic are?

    • These people generally don’t reveal themselves. You need to go to them through contacts. You can find them in the rural parts of the world.

  68. dear sir, my older brother having two small childs and is a selsman on cloth shop. Before 5-6 years ther was some light black spot on his time get the intensity of spot get incresed. Now days his whole body become blackish. He gone through the treatment of difrrent skinncare specialist and other babas but its of not use.plz suggest any option that cure him from this problem

  69. I have a suggestion to get rid of black magic. Have a habit of playing kaali amman GAYATHRI or any devotional songs in home at morning and evening or if can, also chant kaali or favourite god’s slogan at morning or evening. It’ll spread positive energy in our home.

  70. Hi to all
    I find it very informative and I think there are things which happened and we never even bother untill things happened to itself.
    But no need to be panic or spill or show ur pain or problem,Instead fight with it.Its a game AND play it to win.Do not let urself down to anyone means anyone.Do exercise in Gym if u can else do household work.Start doing things which u nnevernnever did and never think or thonk off

  71. Do not loose faith in urself
    Do always good things.Offer food or seeds to birds,animals but dont get attached to it .If u dreamed of ghost etc then fight with them do not react just fight and you can abuse to them.get over your fear.If you dont know what to do just start running in one direction again in one direction and run until you and your soul will give u answer.If u come up ohh I

    cant do it then overcome this approach and just do it wothout even second thought.make urself the needy one.If u can

    do not help and help urself and dont regret on things or feel guilty nothing is bigger then nature.Nature heels itself and nature knows everything as how,when and why so you no need to worry ab anything but respect nature.Nature means natural if you or someone has did or done unnatural things they will suffer.dont try unnatural things or spells on anyone bcaz we do not know what lies beneath.wear nothing but have faith in yourself and your good things and dont bring god into everything.He has lots of things to do.Again the strong one will win and weak will loose and thats nature.fight back and make yourself more healthy.dont ask for things other then good health.

  72. Sir,
    Me and my husband were love in 5yrs. He loved me so much the each other. We got married in 2005. From the day one i am facing the problems in my life since 2005, till date. I was staying with mother-in-law. We are three of us only at home. We both are fighting each other but no reason. I have sacrificed so much in it but nothing changed. He torched my life without reason. For each and everything he blames me and getting irrational. He only listens to his mother.
    In this 7yrs we have separated 3 times went to divorce. Sometimes i tried committing suicide didn’t workout. He hates me and my parents and my relatives. They should not enter his house. Somehow i managed and came back to him. Now i have two kids. I am staying with him but not with the first love. Just for the sake of kids and for the society. Now he started smoking / drinking. In this married life what all problems i have faced and the situation makes me to think that either one of us would have been effected by black magic. Becaz once i found a lemon under my pillow. Whenever i will visit those poojari in the temple or Astrologer’s also will tell me the same thing at you both are effected by blackmagic though they are Hindu / Christian church also. In the beginning i did not believe all this. But day by day the problems what i am undergoing makes me to think that possibility. Even i had all this symptoms what is mentioned below. Snakes dream, misunderstandings with friends and relatives, he has become my enemy of now, everybody around me will be treacherous, abuse, he lost his job, facing financial problems, sometimes hypothyroidism, depression, etc. I am blank now. i don;t know where it is going to lead me.

    Please suggest on this……….. give me a best solution

  73. These free tips are from the vedic astrologer Martin Rai.
    They are highly effective.

    To remove black magic and negativity from your house.

    First open your windows
    Dissolve a few hands of seasalt in a bucket of water.
    Clean your house with this salthy water (floor, windows, doors, etc)
    While cleaning play loud music or mantra”s and lit a candle or dia in the south east of your home

    Your house will feel much better after cleaning. Repeat frequently.

    Najar/ nazar /evil eye

    When ever you come in house and feel negative you might have been struck outisde by bad eyes, “najar” or “nazar”.
    Get rid of these evil eyes now.
    Dissolve seasalt in a bucket with hot water and keep your feet in it for 15 minutes.
    Your negative emotions will go. You will feel much better.

    Always keep a silver coin with you as protection or any rectangular piece of silver.

    It is advisable to oil your body every wednesdays and saturday, never on another day. Oil your self with hot sesam-oil, olive-oil or mustard-oil. Almond-oil and peach-oil is also good. Peace, love, wealth and happiness will come in your life. Never use oil on you hair or body on another day than Saturday and wednessday.

    Remove black magic from persons

    Place a bit of seasalt in all corners of your house

    Collect your urine (early in the morning) in a bucket and add water
    Add a few hands of seasalt in a another bucket and fill with water
    While going to the bathroom lit a candle in the bathroom while you are cleaning yourself.
    First wash yourself with your urine mixed with water (head, hair, face, every body part), you might even take a sip.
    Than wash yourself with ayurvedic herbal soap or pure olive soap.
    Than pour the saltywater over your body and let it dry.
    Than wear clean white clothes

    You will feel much better. Negativity and black magic will go back and create serious havoc for the transmitter of this negative energy. Enemies cannot come near you. You will see the true faces of your false friends. Repeat frequently. Those in a hostile surrounding should repeat this every day for excellent results.

    Removal of blackmagic in serious cases

    Sometimes the victim is possesed by a dangerous spirit he or she is not aware of. Drug abuse, alcoholism, violent behaviour, obessesive behaviour.

    In this case the victim should be placed in a room with strong smellling flowers,like chameli or lelium or any strong other smelling flower. The possesed person should smell the flower.

    Than remove the flower and throw this flower in streaming water. The spirit will leave the person. Sometimes the spirit might come back.

    After the flower has been thrown in the water the person should be washed with salt and his/her own urine as described in another chapter of this website.

    Spirits like parfumes a lot , therefore it is forbidden to use parfume in the night, spirits might come to you. Not all of them are friendly.

  74. please tell me how to get rid of this black magic. my relative is doing this on me and my life is becoming worst day by day. i hate it, i feel angry, i shout without any reason, i feel lazy, my neck and head starts paining, everyone goes against me, i am left all alone etcc…. nd so many problems. please please tell me something i can do for removing it.

  75. i dont whether black magic exists or not. even i dont belive in our hindu deites,,,,i only belive that there is an almighty who controls every thing with different names………..
    but after marriage my life completly changed as my husband according to him is black magic spell bound.i dont belive in black magic and will never…………i took him to psychiatrist and he digonosed with Schizophrinia.
    i always take care of his medicine and each and every thing even when ever he will start talking about black magic and all i will ask him to prove it and put logics….but he failed…………..thanks to the dr. and medicine that my husband chaged alot….before he was violant, seriously hitted me (i use to take medicine to remove sweelings and all) but i was patient enough to bear all these things.
    now its been two years of our marriage and living a normal life having a cute son.

    though i am unable to forget his misbehaviour……………

    in my openion u should stop beliving in all these things.its all a brain game nothing else.becaus ewe know this and that is related to Black magic and starting fear of some mis happening but dear every thing has two sides good and bad…………..why are you thinking that good things always shhould happen with u………jaise subah ke bad rat aur phir subah hoti hai waise hi aapki life bhi change hogi agar aap apna saara time isi bat ko shochne mein laga doge ki kisi ne khuch karvaya hait to dear ye life bahut chhoti hai ek second bhi precious ise UTILISE karein WASTE nahi.

    • Your attitude is good and that is why you succeeded, Keep it up. Hindu deities do exist and almighty also exists. It is all about the experience.

  76. dear sir

    my stories is diffrent i just want to tell that i saw a leg wich is like a image but it’s not a image after a moments my sons also tell me the same but i don’t tell to him the story about the images so i hope sir could say a word

  77. I went thru lots of comment here. I am not sure whether to believe in such things. For past 10 years, I’ve been struggling in my life to get stability in my job. Although, I am good natured person, no matter how hard I try the job situation presents itself and I am forced to move out. When I changed my last job, I had decided come what may, I’ll stay put. Unfortunately, my boss ( who was very good) was fired, I lost that cover and again I am in jeopardy of losing my job. Since this has been happening over a decade now, I;ve lost hope and frustrated. Not sure if this is a sheer bad luck or black magic, I need to find solution. I try to remain positive, but my confidence in life is shaken. I feel I can;t control anything now. Any ventures I undertake is stuck with no results. Not sure what to do .I am lost.

  78. Dear Sir,
    My whole family is suffering, having hair loss problem, and all member have pain on the top part of head,
    My younger brother suicide because of pain in head and upsetness that start 3 days before he suicide.
    recently, i got married, now my wife start loosing hair.
    We went to so many people to get rid from this problem. But, All in vain.
    Could you please advise what should we do. I believe in god, but these problem are still upset me and my family, should we change our house or something else. please reply.

  79. I dont know whether i am a victim of black magic or not; nor do i know any proper reason for my unsuccessful business carrier, working hard to get my work done always face some problems & i face downfall. financial problem is always there,
    Storytelling hard to over come my problems, today i dreamed of dirty place, some times I Startle in sleep or while awake. so I need help to overcome my problems. Please Help me

  80. Hi, My boyfriend has been suffering from black magic done by his relatives, he is only 16 and is unable to concentrate on his exams, he feels uncomfortable around lots of people. when he’s with me little things that he dislikes changes his whole mood and he changes from nice to nasty, what should i do?

  81. I would like to tell a real story. This happened to my family. My mother, became frail slowly over the year. I brought her to various doctors and they could find anything wrong with her. She had a huge stomach, but her hands,legs, and other parts of body slowly lose weight. She was skinny till her bones could be seen. But, she had a huge stomach. Everyday she moaned in pain because of the stomach. Especially, when it is after 6pm in the evening her legs and stomach suffers great pain. She did not sleep in the night for several months. She could not even eat, as she said that her tongue was sour. She did not even want to take her bath. One day, she screamed late at nite, saying that she dreamt of a demon saying that ‘I will destroy you’. Finally, we went to a hindu holy man and he said that ‘my own father’ made black magic to my mum. He had mixed something in the salt and rice, my mum ate. He is a person who visit Kedah often. He might have consulted some black magicians there. The holy man also said that my father had sacrificed a buffalo. This is very dangerous since buffalo is the vehicle of Yaman. We actually confronted my father.. But, he just kept quiet smiling. A few weeks after the incident, my mum told me she drank a rosy water (drink) given by my father.And yes, the next day, she forgot the day and time and things. And the next day (morning), she kept saying to me not to live in this house. Then, she asked me who am I instead. I was shocked. She kept saying she wanted to sleep. On that day, she passed away…. Immediately after her death, my father brought his girlfriend to the house. Then, I knew the reason behind. I have left the house since….I am telling this to alert people that black magic can be done by anyone,even the ones you trust…father,husband,aunt,uncle,

  82. sir, from last two Saunday i am seeing lal mirchi outside my house…when we wake up in morning and go to get our news paper we find 3-4 lal mircchi outside our house…. from last week also my mother and my sibling fell ill…………could u suggest what it is ?

  83. Good Morning Sir,
    Regardless of what you mentioned “that you are not an expert to this field” you received many comments from different people belonging to different religions sharing their life experiences.
    It is all because in your post you have mentioned things in a bit different manner i.e. from your post we find that you are a positive and a very religious guy along with a strong belief in the scientific aspects of our life and nature.
    As it is quite clear from your post that you are not trying to create fake superstitions and trying to fool people but motivating them towards both religious and scientific solutions and their positive effects.
    So , I really appreciate your post.
    May God bless us all……………………..
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

  84. Dear Sir, Me and my entire family have been a victim of black magic for over 8 years now, we tried many remedies but didn’t work out although all saints & mualana’s tried their best. I read in one of your comments above that it can be cured by the person who has done the magic, please advice if you would advice me to talk to the person who has done it on us( my aunt as confirmed by 2 to 3 of maulanas), She;s currently on death bed & suffering a lot as per her karma but i need to find a remedy for my family as we all are suffering a lot. pls advice thank you.

  85. Dear Sir, I think there is “black magic” on me. I have some of those symptoms, such as; forgetfulness, major financial problems, enemies for no reasons at all, sickness of the stomach, parents died. No one seems to help me, bad luck are all around me. I NEED HELP!, Please I am pleading with you, please help me. Thank you

  86. One major problem I would like to add, is that whenever I tried working out my problems, such as trying to open a business, making friends or trying to bring peace in the house, my PATH are always BLOCKED.

  87. Sir, i am a 61 yrs old a retd govt.servant/Had married my daughter to a family who really believe in tantrik and are constatntly in touch with a tantrik in Chandigarh.Recently I had visited a marriage of son of my daughter’s in laws at Dharamsala.They served me and my only son with marriage food in room,and my son-in-law gave paper soap to my son,since then he is not keeping health in order and suffering from loose motions/diarrhoeas on medications for the last more than two months.I am also not keeping well and there is financial disturbances health problems/family querrels always for no reasons and my son amd wife are taking all times any points not worth querrling to querel with me.Kindly advise in proper rder to come out of it in the name of Shiri GANESHA…. my own brothers are also a stunch visitors to a muslim tantrik in Chandigarh Please adv

  88. Respected sir
    this is concerning a human being full of humanity compassion and kindness.
    she was an unwanted child (only her mother wanted )
    at the age of 2-3 months she acquired double pnemonia.
    when around 12 year- the maid’s grand daughter developed a bad skin disease .some one threw lemon sindur in the house most probably the maid

    0.the victim soon developed the same disease.but her mother’s faith and a good doctor pulled her out. of coursegod’s grace.
    meanwhile there was change of town and while unpacking from the bag in which gods were brought a strange yellow small cloth bag appeared in it there was a beetle nut ,a yellow long thread and a haldi.
    when 17 years she started fainting . dr. said nothing. even now she faints if there is little excitement
    practised planchet which was transferred by a rich cousin.father had brain failure died in 2002.stopped planchet but still feels mild presence sometimes. got married very late at 33 to an only son. mother in law has extereme grip upon her son. soon after marriage developed thyroid acute as did her father in law. she has been forbidden to conceive. her father in law has developed diabetese and surprisingly the victim has also got high blood sugar according to a blood report some 6-7 days ago! the victim trusts people very easily and she is running the family where as her husband’s entire salary is going for investment for future.her mother in law has even planned to pass the victim’s property to her sister’s grand daughter-who already is the owner of a huge property.
    the victim is constantly under acute mental stress as her job is also in doldrums.she has not saved any money,her husband does not respects her or shares any information with her. they live like strangers in the house.she has become ill tempered ,foul mouthed.
    on the other hand she has a deep knowledge of gita kuran bible.reading books was her passion.people misunderstand and highly insult her.
    she has a heart of gold. It was always .she who used to go to rich relatives to beg for money for her father’s treatment. and the way she used to be insulted is hard to relate.
    will there be no end to her suffring? is this all black magic ?if so how long will be the effect and how to remove. she is extremely distressed.kind souls please help her.
    please sir read this and answer.i am computer illitrate and this habeen an up hill task for me.only the seriousness of the matter has led me to.she is my only sibling

  89. Dear Admin,
    I appreciate your effort for helping Black Magic victims, but it’s not any child’s play to remove black magic witchcraft, voodoo witchcraft or any type of witchcraft.
    and 95% professional in this field are fraud.
    so be aware.
    Be blessed.

  90. Hello Admin,
    Is there a way to make my parents agree for a intercaste marriage?
    I love a boy who is not from our caste, but we are in love with each other since last 5 years. Last year we told our parents that we want to marry, but my parents objected because of his caste. they say their name and fame gets lost if they agree to our marriage and they want me to listen and marry of their choice which i cannot do. I love my parents and i love my boy friend as well, i dont want both of them to be hurt and cant live without them. Please tell me a way how i can convince them and explain them about my love. Please help me please !!

  91. sir i did the process of keeping salt in all corners. that day my grandson came to my house. by playing he fall there in the corner.from that day he is not feeling well at all.please help us

  92. Since one year, facing problem at work place. My area of working was reduced drastically. I was feeling as if I have been hypnotised and go on doing mistakes resulting loosing my high profile MNC job. Since five months I am jobless and not getting positive response even after putting sincere efforts. Please help me to come out from this situation.

  93. me and my husband are facing heavy financial losses in business, he even lost a well paid job with in a year of marriage and in-spite of hard work , intellect we are not able to achieve what we deserve . payments are due from clients unnecessarily . I am very afraid to sleep as I am constantly scared of evil and have bad and scary dreams. I suspect black magic by relatives of my husband side .

    please suggest some solution as day by day condition is getting worse

  94. my father is suffering from black magic since , his elder brother got married , the wife of elder brother is in black magic ,& practicing on us since marriage , now from 2 yrs the condition is very serious he can’t remember &not in mind say like mentally disturbed person we have gone to everyone for treatment but fail . so pls guide me what can i do to make him free from the curse of black magic . pls mail me ..

  95. I had been having problems maintaining relationships long term. For reasons not known to me at the time every relationship l had kept failing. Guys just left me with no valid reason. When my last one failed l felt l had to seek help. How could l keep letting this happen? Vudoo spell caster quickly did a consultation for me and found out there were problems with me, l had somehow had a curse on me that prevented me from having lasting relationships. With his help and dedication we got rid of the curse. He cast me a lost love spell and a binding love spell. The most amazing part was that the result it 4 days and my man is back in my arms. The vudoo spell caster was there to reassure me and to make sure my financial life was secured. He immediately got to work to resolve any problems.
    If you are having problems in any aready of live, i would advice you meet this spell caster through his email [email protected], i met him through a co-worker who knew about my problems. and now am free for good and happy.

  96. My Name is JEREMY.I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me..The girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our weeding for another man..,When i called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her facebook and she changed her facebook status from married to Single…when i went to her to her place of work she told her boss she never want to see me..i lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back..I told him my problem and all have passed through in getting her back and how i lost my job…he told me he gonna help me…i don’t believe that in the first place.but he swore he will help me out and he told me the reason why my girlfriend left me and also told me some hidden secrets.i was amazed when i heard that from him..he said he will cast a spell for me and i will see the results in the next couple of days..then i travel back to US the following day and i called him when i got home and he said he’s busy casting those spells and he has bought all the materials needed for the spells,he said am gonna see positive results in the next 2 days that is Thursday…My girlfriend called me at exactly 12:35pm on Thursday and apologies for all she had done ..she said,she never knew what she’s doing and her sudden behavior was not intentional and she promised not to do that was like am dreaming when i heard that from her and when we ended the call,i called the man and told him my wife called and he said i haven’t seen anything yet… he said i will also get my job back in 3 days time..and when its Sunday,they called me at my place of work that i should resume working on Monday and they gonna compensate me for the time limit have spent at home without working..My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with kids and i have my job back too.This man is really powerful..if we have up to 20 people like him in the world,the world would have been a better place..he has also helped many of my friends to solve many problems and they are all happy now..Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for can mail him to [email protected] COM i cant give out his number cos he told me he don’t want to be disturbed by many people across the world..he said his email is okay and he’ will replied to any emails asap..hope he helped u out too..good luck [email protected] com.

  97. It is good and informative as i do spiritual practice so know that Black Magic is science and if it is used for bad purpose people life go worse. thanks for sharing it !!

  98. Inexpensive remedies for black magic:

    Black magic has many kind of bad or negative energy cast upon a person for revenge or jealousy. there are about 100s of different kind.

    1) Black tourmaline stone , RECOMMENDED, rs 300-500 per kilo . place it on all four side of your house , also in living room, bedroom etc ..also a small piece in your right side pocket while going out It helps absorb or remove negative energy from black magic , spirits, spells etc. Most effective in black magic.

    2) yellow turmeric In milk 1 spoon without sugar every morning till you feel better.

    3) 1 lemon green color or 3 Red chilly dry roll it over your body seven time starting from right feet clockwise towards head and ending on left feet… For taking off bad or negative energy from ones self….

    4) last but not the least, remember your Lord and do good in life and be positive and live healthy.!!!!!!!

    These remedies are 100% effective and help who are suffering from black magic people staying abroad who have no where to consult can benefit from it.. Give it a try.

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