Navnath are nine great saints who spread Navnath Sampradaya, initiated by Lord Dattatreya, in the world. These nine saints are actually nine super-super human beings who with their honesty, selflessness, austerity, devotion for their teacher, Lord Dattatreya, and the mantra power defeated the deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Hanuman, Virbhadra, Indra (King of heaven), Goddess Chamunda, Vetal (King of ghosts), ashtabhairava, and others according to the book “Navnath Bhaktisar.” They had a weapon called “Vatakarshan Astra” which was invincible even for Gods.

Names of those nine great saints are as follows:

1. Matsyendranath or Macchchendranath.
2. Gorakhnath or Gorakshnath.
3. Jalandernath or Jan Peer.
4. Kanifnath.
5. Gahininath also known as Gaibi Peer.
6. Nagesh Nath.
7. Charpatnath.
8. Bhartarinath.
9. Revananath.

Apart from those, there are also Minnath and Dharmanath who are children of Macchchendranath.

They are supposed to be the reincarnation of Bhagwan Narayan in Kaliyuga. Lord Krishna directed them to reincarnate in Kaliyuga. As per his direction, “Kavi Narayan” reincarnated into Macchchendranath, “Hari Narayan” into Gorakshnath, “Antariksha Narayan” into Jalandernath, “Prabuddha Narayan” into Kanifnath, “Pippalayan Narayan” into Charpatnath, “Avirhotra Narayan” into Nageshnath, “Drumila Narayan” into Bhartarinath, “Chamas Narayan” into Revannath, and “Karbhajan Narayan” into Gahininath.

The main aim of Navnath’s life was to create Shabar Mantras for the welfare of masses. These nine saints are believed to be immortal. After becoming inactive, their 84 disciples preached the Nath Sampradaya and to the date it is considered to be a very powerful and popular Sampradaya all around the world. Navnaths are most popular and worshipped in Maharashtra state of India.

Macchchendranath and Gorakshnath are revered in Buddhism also and are supposed to be Mahasiddhas.

They used to say “Alakh Niranjan” frequently.

After Lord Navnath, their 84 disciples propagated Nath Sampradaya all over the world. Some of the names of those disciples are given below:

Raghavsidhda, Balsidhda, Gokatsidhda, Jabusidhda, Naimityik, Sarendrak, Huksha, Dwarbhairav, Ransidhda, Jogi, Sharangi, Nijananda, Nainniranjan, Yadu, Gaiwandkshudra, Kastsidhda, Uresh, Suresh, Dhuresh, Kuhar, Keshmardan, Sudhdakapur, Bhatendra, Katabhrava, Sabar, Dakshendra, Anirva, Aproksha, Kamukarnav, Sahansidhda, Dakshalayan, Devsidhda, Pakshendra, Saksh, Nirnayanava, Hardantan, Bohman, Hukshe, Krishnapalayan, Hema, Kshetranta, Ratnagar, Vinaybhaskar, Dattadhan, Pavanbhargava, Suksharnava, Yathartha, Kavitsharva, Vadham, Prokshit, Sharuk, Waluk, Sharabh, Sahan, Prokshitshairbha, Kokil, Kasmitwach, Sanhati, Lobh, Bhratrak, Chirankalvrunda, Narayan, Kalika, Sabraji, Sulaksha, Luksha, Moksharnava, Samartha, Dwar, Bhardraksha.

Navnath Bhakitsar or Navnath Pothi: This holy book was actually written by Gorakshanath or Gorakhnath and was later translated into Marathi by Malu Narhari Kavi in 1741. It contains 40 chapters and 7600 ovyas (stanzas), which if read in a particular manner are believed to wipe out all your sorrows, black magic, and ghostly things from your house. Those who read the at least 40th chapter everyday, Navnath themselves stay in that house and protect the reader and his family from all the disasters. Only males are allowed to read this book. Females may hear the stories read by others.

Some sacred places of Navnath:

1. Matsyendranath or Macchchendranath: Sawargaon, Taluka: Aashti, District: Beed (Maharashtra)
2. Gorakhnath or Gorakshnath: Girnar, Junagarh (Gujrat)
3. Jalandernath or Jan Peer: Yeolewadi, Taluka: Patoda, District: Beed (Maharashtra)
4. Kanifnath: Madhi, Taluka: Pathardi, District: Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)
5. Gahininath : Chinchore, Taluka: Nevasa, District: Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)
6. Nagesh Nath: Wadwal, Taluka: Mohol, District: Solapur (Maharashtra)
7. Charpatnath: Still believed to be visiting pilgrimages.
8. Bhartarinath. Harangul, Taluka: Gangakhed, District: Parbhani (Maharashtra)
9. Revananath: Vite, District: Sangali (Maharashtra)

Other Important pilgrimages: Girnar mountain (Gujrat), Tryambakeshwar (Nashik), Anjneri Mountain (Nashik), Saptashrunga Garh (Nashik), Vajreshwari (Thane), Vrudhdeshwar (Ahmednagar), Garbhagiri (Ahmednagar), Battis Shirala (Sangli), Ujjaine (Madhya Pradesh), Alandi (Pune).

Following are some Navnath mantras:

Navnath Mantra:

Gorakshajalandar Charpatashcha| Adbangkanif Machchhindradyaha|

Chourangirevankabhartisandnya| Bhumyan Babhuvurnavnathsidhdaha||

Navnath Sidhdamantra:

Om Namo Sidhdanavam Angushthaay Namah Mukhay Namo Namah||

Sirbrahma Dhundhuhakar Shirase Brahma Tanam Tanam Tanam Namo Namah||

Om Rhaam Draam Chaitanya Dattatreya Gorakshaay Sidhday Namah||

Source: Sankatnashak Shaabri Kavach, Navnath Bhaktisara

Note: The language used in Navnath Bhaktisar is old Marathi, which is a little bit difficult to understand for pure Marathi people also. So, it is quite possible that some mistakes in the names or incidences might have occurred. We apologize to the readers and to Lord Navnath for that.

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  1. since my childhood ,i was taking interest in listening this holy katha .we have navnath granth at my uncle’s place, my dad read this granth in 1965-66. Now after my retirement , i could read this holy katha
    thanx lot

  2. navnath bhaktisar has a great power in it self if u read this daily u found be benefited. its my personal experiance.
    jai shri navnath.

  3. By reading the adhyassas,we get peace of mind and positive feeling.They are very popular.Every body should read it.

  4. Navnath Bhaktisar is one of the most imp Granth of Hinduism. now Shravan is going on so i request to all my people of india to read this Navnath Granth in this Pavitra Shravan month and get benefit and blessings from Navnath . Shri Gurudev Datt , Jai Navnath .

  5. I had read this holy book when I was in 8th std. Though the language is bit difficult, you can understand it as the meaning of difficult words are given on the same page at the bottom. Again now I’m reading this book again, and have understood that you don’t only need to read the words but book has some deeper meaning in itself, as if we are going to pay attention to the stories only; the main intention of Shri. Macchindranaji, i.e. of selflessness gets ignored. Everybody who reads this book with little analytical & knowledge oriented perspective will have the same feeling.

    Thank you.

  6. Namaskar,
    guruchya aadnyeshivay kahi ghadat nahi
    nehmi guruchya chrarnat raha
    dukha tumhala sparash katnar nahi
    sukhi raha vachakho
    navanatha Namaskaru avtarkarya tyanche smaru
    yogsiddi sakaru magu taya divya siddi
    Alakh Niranjan.

    Its the most comprehensive and sweetest kathasaar in the world .
    once you start reading it and asimilating the goodness in it ,your life will change for good.
    Its magical! the all powerful and sacred Navnaths will always protect thier followers.

  8. Om Shree Chaitanya Navanathay Namaha…

    I have great faith in Navanth and also experienced the power of Bhaktisar and Shabari Kavach…

    I request to read Navanath Bhaktisar at least once in a year and Shabari Kavach (at least once) with Navnath Sidhdhmantra (11 times) everyday..

    Shubham Bhavtu…

  9. I m a female n want to read navnath pothi in my family my grandmother use to read it my uncle n father also read it . wat shud i do to read it? Coz its said females r not allowed to read it.Plz suggest me

    • As far as I know, females are not allowed to read Navnath Bhaktisar but you can listen to it when somebody is reading. One more thing you can do is that you can scan the book and read it on the computer.

    • Hi Rajashree even I am female. This is my second time I am reading this poti. And my experience is very good. Now to even my panditji told me to read it. He said just don’t take sankalp. In my house tulsi plant used to die one day I prayed to navnath that please let my tulsi live when I plant it. I was thinking king of buying one but forgot. One morning I just open the window and was surprised. I saw 3 small tulsi plants in my pot without planting it. Don’t you think this is God’s blessing. I don’t think women should be stopped from reading it. Ultimately we women only pray for our family.

  10. Dear Administrator,
    Females can read Navnath Bhaktisar with some special care.You may ask such women to contact me for further guidance.
    Thanks and Regards.

  11. I have great experience about navnaath bhagvan .I like to workshop of shri Datta guru & Navnaath sampraday . I prey to lord Navnaath that every will blessing by lofd navnaath & turns peoples also like this hence I request to every people believe on Navnaath bhagvan.

  12. Reading Navnath bakhtisar;
    u feel supernatural power in you.
    It make impossible to possible.
    It has strength, belief and all the thing which a human kind looks for.
    I thank NAVNATH MAHARAJ for leaving this in this stressfull world.

  13. Hi Vinayak,

    This message is for Mr. Vinayak Achrekar, can you revert back to me once you read this message. I want to speak to you, can you share with me your contact details.


  14. NAVNATH BHAKTISAR ha Granth apan jitkya bhaktibhavane vachu titka jast ani lavkrat lavkar apnala tyachi prachiti yete. Mala tyacha khup changla anubhav ahe.
    Jari Vachne jamle nahi tari divsatun akda Purn Manobhave Granthala namskar kela ki Divasbhar kontihi adchan yet nahi, yacha mala khup anubhav ala ahe.

  15. Me aatta khup mothya aarthic adchanit aahe. Mazi chinchpokali la mothi jaga aahe
    pun ti kahi kelya vikali jat nahi. customers khup yeoon jatat pun kunich reply det nahit
    me navnath bhakt aahe. mazya Gurunshi swataha macchindranath baba boltat , me tyanchya barobar sawargaon la jaoon jevan suddha ghalun aale aahe. aani tyanchi bhakti suddha karate tyanche aadesh suddha yetat kam hoil pan kam ka hot nahi tech kalat nahi please mala margadarshan kara Tumhala konala kahi sangta yeil ka????

    me khup adchanit aahe???

    • Aapan he kara – Machchindranathanche uttaradhikari Mangalnath Maharaj, (Chitrakoot U.P.chya gaadiche adhipati) hyanna bheta. Te Aurangabad la asatat. Shri Swami Machchindranath Mandir, Mitmita Aurangabad, Maharashtra ha address ahe. –

  16. hiiiii,
    i m Nathpanthi Davari Gosavi, but i dont know more about our religion, i will try to get more knowledge of our religion, i have more problem, i hope my problems will solve after getting knowlege and after reading Navnath Kathasare.. thank you


    NAVNATH BHAKTISAR PRATYEKANE VACHA…MALA KHUP CHANGLA ANUBHAV ALA AHE. mi pan khup sankatat hoto. pan ata problem kami zala ahe. kahi adbhut anubhav yetat. manobhave vacha.

  18. Hi, Navnath bhaktisar is great and powerful Hindu granth, It will give you solutions for all your problem and show you path how to become successful in life by overcomng difficulties and problems. You just read this book daily and with full faith and follow all the rules wich are given in book.


  19. Bade baba Machhindra maharaj!
    Navnath Bhaktisar is a great Hindu granth. i have got great experience after reading this granth. i have got successful path reach a god Dattatraya maharaj.

  20. My mom is worried about my sisters marriage. From what I understand, a female cannot read the navnath bhaktisaar. I wanted to know which adhayay should I read for my sister to be happily married ?

  21. i am started reading of navnath bhaktisar, i want to know that can we read this book only at night? there is any specific reason for this because i am getting very effective experience from reading this book

  22. Hello all,

    Navnath Bhaktisar should read in the evening (from sunset).
    One should not eat non veg food during parayan.
    Sprinkle GoMutra (cow urine) at parayan place.
    Take bath and then only read.
    Do not drink alcohol during parayan.
    If you do sankalp (reason to do parayan) then it will help more.
    Once you start reading for particular day then pls do it in one sitting.
    Most important – There are some people who say Navnath (any nath) is coming into their body (sanchar) but it is fake. No nath can come into human body. Pls do not waste your time and money for this.
    Do not try to use Shabar mantra without guidance of Guru. it may be harmful.
    Lit Guggul dhoop while reading.
    Davana attar can be used for navnath photo.
    Use tripundri of bhasma on fore head, shoulders, hands and chest etc.
    on 9th day offer food to 9 children (udit wada must be made for naivadya).

  23. ||Shree Gurudev Datta ||
    ||Om Chaitanya Navanathay Namah||

    Jar apana konawar hi vait shakti cha prayog (-ve energy) hot aasel tar roj Navnath Bhaktisar hya grantha madhil athava (8) adhay vacha (read 8th chapter) aani paha jo koni tumhala to tras deto tyache kai haal hotat te.
    Fakt vishwas n shradhdha theva Navnathanvar… chamatkar anubhavalch.

  24. hello,

    Me roj sakali snan karun navnath bhakisar adhyay 40 va vachto, me kahi sankalp kinva parayn karat nahi, tar mag mi ratri non veg khau shakto ka.

  25. this is a very good website for a beginner like myself. It would be really helpful to recommend a path, procedure to follow Navnath Bhaktisagar. I have Navnath Kathasagar , please tell me the differences and benefits of both. I found that Bhaktisagar is a difficult one for new people and Kathasagar is relatively easy. I am sure this information will be highly helpful to all newcomers like myself.

    • Dear Sister,
      I have been reading navnath kathasagar 40th chapter since many years and has benefitted by Grace of Navnath.
      As I live in a foreign country with modern amenities, I find it difficult to adopt the strict instructions, but that has not stopped me reading the navnath pothi as I know in my heart that Navnath will still protect and guide me to true path.
      God bless all.

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