Aghori is a Hindu sect of Sadhus, which believes in the basic beliefs of Hinduism but believes in an abnormal way to achieve salvation. Aghoris believe Lord Shiva as the Supreme Being and worship him. He is also lord of the cremation ground.

Their place of meditation is crematorium where Hindus burn dead bodies. This place is considered to be home for ghosts and evil spirits by Hindus but Aghori sadhus prefer to live and meditate there. In general, other Hindus prefer to stay away from Aghoris.

Aghoris believe God exists in everything whether it is dung or food. Nothing is unholy or inauspicious for them. Everything is sacred for them. The only possessions they have are the bowl made of human skull, a few Rudraksha garlands, and a cloth to hide genital parts.

Anybody can join the Aghori sect; there is no restriction. To become an Aghori sadhu, one has to meditate for about 12 years. They have to complete some rituals under their teacher’s guidance in order to enhance their strengths. Aghor path is very tough. They have to denounce the world completely including their family. Aghoris use things like woods from pyre, cloth of the dead bodies, ash of the burnt bodies, etc. for their rituals. They apply ash of the dead body to their bodies. To become an Aghori, one needs a teacher who himself is an aghori or has been through the process. He needs to follow what his teacher tells him to do. An aghori needs to find a human skull to use as a bowl before initiation. They eat and drink from that bowl only. Aghoris worship the destructive from of Shiva. They gain their powers by doing things, which are considered unholy or unclean by the society like eating human feces, dead bodies, leftovers, etc. More they blur the line between clean and unclean, holy and unholy, more powers they get.

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