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Who is the founder of Hinduism?”  This is one of the most basic questions asked about Hinduism. It is so obvious because all the other religions in this world have founders. E.g. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, Islam was founded by Hajrat Mohammad Paigambar, Buddhism by Gautam Buddha and so on. So as Hinduism is a religion, there must be some founder. The answer for this question is that actually there is no single founder of Hinduism as Hinduism was not founded as a religion. It was a culture basically flourished in India, which later took the form of a great religion. It would be easy to understand who is the founder of Hinduism if you know what Hinduism actually is.

The modern form of Hinduism is actually a mixture of teachings from Vedas mainly plus teachings of ancient Rishis and some great saints and regional customs and traditions. Hinduism changes with time without disturbing its basic teachings and different deities, which Hindus worship. But Vedas are the main base of Hinduism.

Vedas are believed to be imparted from God to human beings some thousands years ago and were carried forward through teacher-disciple tradition (Gury-Shishya Parampara). So, as Vedas were created by God, we can say that God, Himself, is the founder of Hinduism, which he updates from time to time by reincarnating Himself on the Earth.

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  1. Like Hinduism, Judaism has no one founder. It is the religion of the Jewish people as it developed over more than 35 centuries. Like Hinduism, Judaism has many sacred scriptures and inspired teachers.

  2. It is right or fact hinduism those religon in the way of attain of god and truth religon founder of hinduism god vishnu

  3. Many Sadhus , Santas , Lord Krishna & many more good people established Hindu Religion. Hindu religion is world’s oldest religion . Established before thousands of years.
    the Hindu temples , design in temples , picture in caves ,RAMAYAN , MAHABHARAT , BRIDGE OF STONES BETWEEN INDIA & Srilanka are the proofs .

    • G O D

      ONE who is behind all this infinite process, the Continuum, beyond time and space is the Master Creator. We are not just an imagination but a moving intelligent particle of the Universe that has been around for billions and billions of light years constantly changing, revolving, evolving, recycling, appearing and dis-appearing! .

      Who is doing all this?

  4. When it comes to religion, it must be way of life. About becoming a good humankind to other living form.

    Every religion thought believers to do good thing.

    Our actual battle in this life is good against evil.

    As long you believe that this world created by almighty creator then you are a people who has been called the believers.

    The problem is when people has no more religion, they worship nothing. They believe of no god. They kills as they wished for nothing, they practice free sex, they rape others, took other’s belongings, increasing the damage to our world that are already old.

    Then the end shall begin as everything that was started must reach their end. What goes up must come down. All the sinners must punished !

  5. There is no founder of Hinduism. But there are some people who are the cause for the spread of hinduism. They are great saints, sadhus and the Lord itself who created Hinduism. It was not a religion but it was a way of life. Later, it was converted into a religion.Some poets who wrote poems regarding the culture and the traditions of Hinduism and the people who wrote epics are also a part of the people who are the cause for the spread of hinduism.

  6. Absolutely Hinduism is the way of life no one is regarded as the founder of this of this religion because in the past it was the culture of Indian people then later converted into a religion.

  7. Basically principles of all religions are same.It is also a true fact that we could so far found or traced founders and origin of various religions except Hinduism because initially Hinduism was a way of living as Humans and to distinguish themselves from other animals. As & when the wise, diligent and kind people (so called Rhishish or saints) of that time found that humans were behaving and living like animals. It is believed and found to be reasonable that in most of yugas when behavior of humans was extremely intolerable to mankind, Almighty had to Incarn or take birth among humans to take care of evil and establish the order to safeguard good people and good things in Universe. He did it through preaching, natural calamities or wars. Thus these many founders and many religions came in existence.

  8. Indeed the Hindu religion is the oldest of all religions present. However before the Hindu religion there was “a way of life” that was controlled by the teachings of the ancient Vedic scripture that was handed down by God himself.

  9. gods god shiva parmatma.. we are jeevatma god is every breath and every steps he is always always here hinduism founder is shiva parmatma ……… 4yuga 1st is krita yuga only god ..2nd dwapper yuga rushi santa sadus his all powers than ramayana mahabharath happens and than 4th kali yugas are upto 1 to 2016 runninig can not seen god power becouse ………….

  10. The religion is irrelevant, because the Deity is more important. Salvation or good karma shouldn’t solely be based upon what one does that will get them saved or incarnated into a better life but rather if the truth one believes in is strong enough to move one’s heart to do good deeds towards his/her neighbor(Family, friend(s), lover(s), stranger, etc.) or stand up for what is right against what is wrong whether one is alone or among others. Anyone can do good to others, it’s motive to do good deeds that counts. A rich man can donate tons of money to a charity with the motive of fame, it’s happened before. Why is this bad, one may ask? Because what that man believes in isn’t for the greater well-being of others but glory for himself. And I’m sure God or Buddha or Allah or any professed “good Deity(ies)” is not egotistic.

  11. Religion is the way / guidelines to live the life when you are living in the group. This is to have a prosperous life for all and to have an advantage of being together. It defines duties / liability / authorities related. To make people follow the rules, the simple way to show them the fear (if duties are not followed), rewards (powers / gifts from Gods for good behavior). Easy way is to involve super natural powers into it. As it is out of our reach, people do not try to break the standard rules. However if you do not give them a form (idol), after sometime people tends to neglect the presence of these power and consider them as myth. This is formation of IDOL. Every person is related to different function and thinking. Hence different Gods (the supreme in their field). To keep them on same ground, there are relations / between them. Stories are prepared to show the relation between different functions and consequences if you do not follow them. There is always a science and reason for every action / rituals , etc mention in the Holy books. However to protect the base knowledge from being misused and to make people follow them in proper way, in proper form, proper time, at the same time some stories (mostly in form for rhymes) are built around. This also help to memorize the learning and easy transfer of knowledge. Hindu culture (Religion) was developed over years and changed as per the surrounding. There was always 2 powers deciding the way to follow. One was the king (leader) who represent the muscle power or body and the other was Rishis (priests / scholars) who represent brain or thinking power. It was bounding for both to consult each other before bringing new rule in action. If applies to workers then by Kings rule and if applies to thinks then by religious saying. However the brain and muscle power should remain in different hands and should involve a healthy discussion. If checked in past for the prosperous years of Hindus, the kings and rishis were in constant touch of each others. Also different rishis were considered as expert in their fields and were consulted as required.

    Till both goes hand in hand the society progress. When one tries to overpower the other, team of unsatisfied people start rising. This is a phase when unwanted / once unsupported / wrong practices get added in the religion to give more power to one group of people. This is generally considered as laying seeds of new religion or sects.

    If one of the scholars don’t like the way other follows, you rebel and define new rules. This is generally formation of new religion. As the founder do not want the follower to discuss / question the new rules, put them in new form and name them by a new super power. The first followers are the unsatisfied, poor or uneducated peoples.

    As more hands gives you more benefit, the founders / promoters tries to attract more and more people to follow their lifestyle. This is by hook or crook.

    When you want to make people of other belief to follow you, first thing is to blame Gods, their believes, culture, rituals of other religion. Select some of their own unsatisfied people to do this with bribes. This gives definite advantage.
    Second to destroy the worship areas. This gives the feeling that if the Gods (your believes / way of thinking) you worships, can’t protect themselves (they are either weak or do not exist), how can they protect you. Attack them, spread virus, make the financial breakdown. Send another team in name of GOD to support people who are already in miserable condition. In such scenario people do not have choice. This blocks thinking of mass and they follow your religion. This is most followed by Muslims and Christians.
    Third to change the education system. Teach them the what you want. Show them good things of your culture. People tend to forget the past easily with second / third generation. This makes people feel that their religious teaching are useless.This was followed by Christians.

    It is always important for the religion to redefine the rules (though it reduces power / importance of one section of people) as per surrounding and lifestyle on regular basis. This is as important as we take care of our house to keep it clean and repair as required to protect us in turn. This was done by saints and divine kings / knights / officers during their rule.

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